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Carpenters, anyone?

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  • Carpenters, anyone?

    As some of you gals know I'm starting up a store and I need someone to make a counter and a storage cabinet for me. Does anyone know a good carpenter (in terms of workmanship) with a reasonable price range that does small jobs? I called up a few and they all said to call them when the renovations are done so they can take measurements, but it's not like they have a showroom where I can go see what kind of workmanship they have. Any help appreciated.

    Anyways, I found one from the Yellow Pages. Their designer came to my place to discuss the design and I was quite impressed with the service. Quite expensive though. But if anyone needs the particulars for anything just PM me.
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    Try the Singaporebrides website. I think there's some threads regarding renovation and carpentry works.


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      anyone has a contractor willing to do small jobs?


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        *** kind of jobs ? Carpentry?