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  • Anyone working in NUS?

    Hiya all! I'm a newbie here. Joined this forum as recommended by a friend. =)

    I am interested in working for NUS as their administrative officer. Is there anyone working in NUS here?

    How's the working condition? How much is the starting pay for a fresh-grad?


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    Hi pixie =) You can do a introduction at cozy lounge =)

    I work in NUS but not as administrative office..i am a research staff...the pay should be around 2K + civil servant perks (which is not fantastic) + AWS..maybe 2.1 or 2.2? Which faculty you applying for?


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      Hi linggy,

      Ah around 2.1 or 2.2?

      I can't remember who told me last year, a fresh grad can get as high as 2.5K working as an administrative officer! (the qualification of the person is with 6 mths non-related working experience and without honours).

      So I was wondering if this is true.

      I saw a few opening on NUS website but i'm interested in the one offered by NUS business school.

      Which faculty are u working at?


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        Wow...haha thats high...I am with Faculty of Medicine..which faculty are you studying in now?

        I think the pay varies with the different faculties and departments...also who your boss senior working for a head of department get more paid than those normal administrative officers, dont exactly know how it goes...but she left NUS already.


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          i'm now at school of computing. could not stand programming. so wants to try other jobs. hehe

          what about the working hours like linggy?
          is it 8.30 to 6?


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            Yes...I am not sure hah because I dont have fixed working hours (most research staff do not have). Will keep a lookout for you when I passed by the general office later. =)


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              I'm also working in NUS, same field as linggy, i.e. research. But I'm doing plant research though.

              I seriously thinks that NUS does not provide attractive salary package for their staffs. But some of the perks of my laboratory is better than other places.

              Actually NUS gives better salary to their graduate than graduates from other schools.


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                Have worked in NUS before as a Management Support Officer (MSO), quit a year ago. From what I understand from my colleagues, Administrative Officer (AOs) can draw up to 2.5k or more, depending on your department and skills. My department was willing to pay slightly more for people who possesses IT skills.

                However, AOs have got no AWS, that what I constantly hear my colleague complain. Apparently the AWS is already included into their monthly salary. Only MSOs has got AWS, but I think the salary package has changed for MSO this year.

                pixieFairy, the working hours are 8.30 - 6.00, 'cause they've changed to 5-day work week now. Again, depending on departments, some might still be 5 1/2 days work week I think. That's because some department need to serve to students and public on Saturdays.

                NUS salary package isn't attractive, but their benefits are! HEEHEE! They have the usual medical and dental benefits. Also, they have $300 holiday subsidy, which i LOVE! Meaning if you go overseas for holiday, they are willing to subsidise you for up to $300! Hehehe!


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                  Really better pay to NUS graduates? Anyway I quite sad case...haha no overseas holiday subsidy

                  But I am employed under my supervisor's research grant which means she can give me a raise anytime (which I have yet to get any though) without going through the school's approval. If normal staff, they get around $100 to $150 yearly increase.

                  I heard from my friends that their AWS is included into their monthly pay, in a way it is good..which means they do not give AWS according to the economy. If extra bonus, they will still give at the end of the year.

                  Meaning the Administrative officers I know are the lower-paid workers. :roll:


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                    Sorrie guys.. but what is AWS?


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                      annual wage s (i dont know what it stands for) but AWS refer to 13th month meaning bonus =)


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                        AWS = annual wage supplement a.k.a 13th month salary



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                          Thks for the new acroynm well learnt. Anyway do you guys know that 13th month is not a bonus, it is something that we all deserve & should not be deprived of. This is because in USA & AUS, ppl are paid weekly for the 52 weeks in a yr. So if you divide 52 weeks by 4 weeks/mth, you naturally get 13 months. It is something that we work hard & earn for. So stop being grateful if your boss decided to give you your 13th month this yr. You deserve every single cent of it. In case your company dun give 13th month, this 13th month's pay should be distibuted to other 12 months. Example, if your company gives 13th month & you ask for $2k/mth = $26k. If your company dun give, you should ask for $26k/12mth = $2167.


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                            Is it all nus jobs are offered as 2 yrs contract cos i just got an offer.


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                              Originally posted by onelady View Post
                              Is it all nus jobs are offered as 2 yrs contract cos i just got an offer.
                              Just replied your other thread before I stumbled across yours here ... in answer to your query, yes, I believe most NUS jobs are on 2-year contract basis, if I don't remember wrongly, it's indicated somewhere on the career postings website ... my friend who's working with NUS also was on 2-year contract before getting herself converted to perm