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  • Maid Abuse

    What is it with Singaporeans and abusing their maids?!! I keep reading about these stories in the news. I mean, I don't get it. They are human beings too, and making your life much easier! Did you guys see the recent story in the news? Today's paper I think. This woman and her husband was sentenced to jail for 6 and 3 weeks respectively for hitting their maid with a pole. And they have 3 kids!! the oldest one being 14.

    What sort of example are they setting for their kids then? Are they going to grow up being racist or thinking that maid abuse is fine? Honestly, I think our children are way too pampered nowadays. I love love love my cousins, but one's 15, and she still gets the maid to make her a drink if she's thirsty!! and the small one is like some princess who keeps commanding her maid to do this and that, pick up her toys, etc.

    I mean, I understand that sometimes its hard to get along with maids, especially if their living in your home, and sharing your privacy. But seriously, sometimes, even the loveliest people I know can't be polite to their maids, even when they aren't doing anything wrong.

    Ok, end of rant. Sorry guys, I'm just sick of hearing of people abusing their maids like that. The worst story was when an employer shoved a vacuum hose down the maid's throat and turned it on.

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    frankly speaking I am worry for myself if I am to employ a maid in future...I am quite fussy when come to housechores. That's why my husband warn me beforehand must treat the maid as if she is our family member buy her gifts don't ill treat her, don't overwork her etc don't always scold the maid (I don't think I will abuse her but definitely can't resists scolding ) else the maid will be unhappy and ill treat our baby too. *sigh*

    I was thinking now the maid very big I still must make sure she is damn happy else do something to our baby. But I also will be unhappy what if she do something wrong, or never bother to listen etc

    Conclusion, employing a maid not a very enjoyable thing.

    P/S: also got alot of stories of maids abusing children or bully employers...


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      hmmm i never had a maid before so i really dont know how it feels

      maids are also human beings, it is important we treat them nice so that in return, they do their chores properly and do not ill-treat the kids
      hmm, however not all maids think that way, they might/(not) take advantage so i think there is always a risk to everything


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        you know, when you're nice to the maids, they tend to kinda forget their position. my family is super nice to the maid - we buy her food all the time, my mum makes cakes SHE likes for her, she eats anything we eat (she picks out her food first) and my mum does the main cooking even.

        now this was because she used to be a super hardworking maid. when we appreciated her effort and were nice to her, she started changing. now she kicks little tantrums when she falls down or hurts herself accidentally; or pretends she doesn't know where things are; and she even dares to tell us she doesnt like to eat fish and chicken or whatever we eat; and then in an act of defiance she won't eat at all!

        then the next day she'll complain that she's so hungry she wants to faint.

        (i'm just ranting cos she lost my mac stuff )

        yes, this is the same maid that always cries and tells us her dead husband came back to look for her. we even let her call home once a week!


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          Well I guess there's always two sides to the coin, as much as we have heard news about employers abusing their maids, occasionally we also came across those who actually abuse/kill their employers or babies. I was pretty shocked to read quite some time ago that coz this maid was unhappy about her employer, she collaborated with another person to plan the employer's murder while the latter was asleep, the act was horrid too.

          Yeah i think it's important nowadays that one must select the right and good maid, which doesn't come easy too, as they are also as human as us, who makes mistakes. Furthermore they come to an altogether different environment from where they came from and it takes time to adjust. Esp for those who came from village, all the hi tech sophisticated electronic household items like even washing machine may baffle them too. Which is why these days laws are stricter to protect the welfare of the maid and also employer, maids undergoing orientation training, with the potential employers present, etc. What we could do for them is to welcome them warmly and treat them as how we would treat any human being - decency. Of course, a line must be drawn (as to so they know their role), which is rather hard to do sometimes.

          What fuchsia mentioned in her post was very appalling though. How could anyone shove in a vacuum cleaner down one's throat! That's utterly sick and damn cruel!! Don't he/she know that this act of violence could be fatal or cause serious injury? And I don't think it's just a matter of ill treating maids only, this has got to do with the kind of humanity that abuser has, if he/she even has any. U read now and then in the news victims of such violence aren't only maids, but even normal Singaporeans like helpless wives or children of abusive husbands/fathers.


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            Well I heard one of the maid agency ladies saying not many maids want to work in SG anymore. Firstly due to the stories of abuse and secondly, the pay sucks. She claimed that the smarter ones have turned to other countries with better pay and treatment. That's why the newer maids came from villages, are very "country-bumpkin" and often made the employers frustrated who then reprimand them constantly. Vicious cycle, I say.


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              My family has employed maids for donkey years. There was one whom our whole family respected cause she works hard and is very smart, she picks up the dialect Hokkien very fast too, and my grandmum only knows how to speak that dialect. There was once my parents and me with my sister even brough her to Zouk and also KTV to enjoy as we felt she really did the chores well. But sometimes when I wants to get her to help me buy stuffs, she'll pull a long face and so black that looks like charcoal. :roll: I was quite afraid of her even sometimes. In the end, we suspected that she has octopus hand, she steals our things. My mum pretend to send her back on pretext that she didn't extend her work permit and we promise to get her back. When she left, we went to check her stuffs and found lots of money and our new clothings. :eh:


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                There's a difference between being friendly and being friends with an employee, whether it be a maid or just a colleague assuming you're an employer. It's important to treat people with respect but also to remain firm about your standards. Once you break a boundary, the balance of power changes. It's difficult, but that's part of learning life skills. I doubt I'll ever get a maid unless I get married, have a baby and don't want to pick up after someone else.