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  • Pharmacy Technician

    Hi Cotters,

    I am keen in applying to work as a Pharmacy Technician. Are there anyone out there who can give advice or share their experiences on the job environment,average salary and the career propsectus ?

    Thank you !

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    hi crayon! are you talking about a pharmaceutical industry techinician or a drug dispensing pharmacist technician?
    if its the former, i may help. but if its a pharmacist job you are enquiring then i am not so sure...


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      Hi smurffy,
      Thanks for your reply. i'm actually refering to drug dispensing pharmacist technician in the hospital. But i'm also interested working in Pharmaceutial industry do you mind sharing your job enviroment . Thanks


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        hi crayon,

        i used to be attached to a pharmaceutical company, but i am trained as a chemist. been around the manufacturing plant, so i do see some of the technicians around. most of the time they require shift work as the plant operates 24hours. it can be tiring for gals as the work requires some valve operation and sample collection sometimes. it can be fun if you are interested. but since what you inquire about is a drug dispensing job, probably it is not so applicable, as these technicians require some sort of engineering background. i believe you have pharmacy qualifications?


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          is doing pharmeceutical good thing to study in? cos I am thinking to do pharmacology. is it good? but sounds dificult right.. and next time I work, will have shift times also right...


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            Drug dispensing can be done by pharmacists only in pharmacy.

            Pharmacology is different from Pharmacy...studying pharmacology do not make you a pharmacist =) Pharmacology involve studying the drugs kinetics and mechanism in human's body while pharmacy include studying the chemical properties of all the drugs as well. =)