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Construction industry, fall in here!

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  • Construction industry, fall in here!

    Hey, after surfing this career forum I realise many gals here are from the construction industry. Me, too... Engineers, architects, QS and others, come in to share your views on the industry.

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    i find we have a better year start for residential development

    you are from main cont / consultant?


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      I will be graduating from NUS building soon. But seems that it is rather hard to get a job in the Construction Industry (C.I) right?


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        QS in A1 main con. the whole industry sucks big time. i'm trying to get my butt out of it asap!

        there's no bonus for us this year. only a 13th month AWS. period. :Doh:

        ya, i know a lot of ppl say it's very good already because many construction firms are delaying salary. But how long can I survive in here??? and the hours are definitely a killer. I do not know how to motivate myself when i know that at the end of the day, there's nothing in store for me in terms of increment and bonus...


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          Me too! also QS in A1 main con. The whole construction industry is going into depression. Many of my friends have left the industry. Used to be very good during the early nineties but now...

          Paris, getting 13months is considered good. My friend in DLS only got $100 as bonus. Other company don't guarantee 13 month. So, you are quite lucky already.


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            DLS so cat????

            we only get squeezed by main cont, especially A1 ones.


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              Haa.... I'm also from NUS building, pinky. I'm not QS but still gotta take-off & fill up BQs when we have a tender. Btw, i'm with building materials supplier. Still in CI... until next fri... ho ho... btw, I don't even have the luxury of 13th month! :Doh:


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                DLS give only $100 bonus????

                you mean on top of their 13th month AWS????

                is DLS so bad? i'm wondering how much they are paying fresh grad at KPK and DLS....hmmm... I think it's 2k last year IIRC. anyone can confirm?

                I think among A1 firms, Obayashi and Shimizu paid the highest. Not too sure about Woh Hup though... they are considered the top performer in the industry now.

                can i ask how many days annual leave are you entitled to and the working hours????

                just want to find out more if i'm squeezed....

                by the way, i have 12 days. work 5.5days but got one saturday off per month. working hours start from 8.30 to 6pm. but usually ends after 7pm.


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                  top performer coz they are good squeezer


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                    really ah vernis???

                    I mean Woh Hup is doing really well now. Getting all the big projects etc etc. Kajima also doing not bad.

                    I know Shimizu not doing well currently with their T3 project in trouble but salary wise, it's still pretty good. same goes with Obayashi. my fren grad last yr was offered by Obayashi. they are offering him 2.3k. probably the highest rate fore fresh grad already!


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                      Greatearth, CES & Wee Hur getting well too. Hee.... anyone from here??


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                        How is the job of a QS on a typical day? I heard that one must be very well verse in contracts like Fidic, PSSCOC and SIA. And My measurement aint that superb either.

                        Also heard lots of horror stories, like nasty people everywhere and OT till late nights and even overnights without OT pay.

                        And I heard that the staff expects you to know the ropes of the industry already.


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                          heard some smaller firms lump contract issues with QS scope, really faint


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                            I'm taking Dip. of Building Services Engineering now, graduating next year. But thinking of furthering my studies somewhere else already...


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                              My fren is Woh Hup scholar last yr. They pay him a whoppin' $800 for attachment but I dunno how much they pay him as a perm staff. Shimuzu hires alot of 3-mth contract QS. Dunno why, maybe this way they can save on bonus & benefits. My another fren who grad with 2nd uppers, was paid $1950 by DLS. Now he's paid $300 more in another place. Kajima is doing well, but my insider news tell me that the management & politics there is quite bad. Just my 2cts of worth...