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International Ghostly Encounters..

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  • International Ghostly Encounters..

    i've heard loads of spooky stuff ard.. any advice where not to go , or places to be wary of, in Singapore or other countries? :wow:

    :roll: My uncle went to England years back for a holiday, he stayed in those motels underground. The motels were actually built from a bucthery market. He said that when he sleeps, the bars are still intact, and those 'S' hook with a pointed end are still hanging there!!! ( those wet markets have those hooks for hanging meat)

    The first night when he was asleep, :wow: he saw a bunch of victorian supernatural beings walking pass the corridors. He said that the doors of his room wasnt closed so he can see the corridor at nite.

    The next night, he closed the door, but something even worse happened. He awoke in the middle of the night, opened his eyes and saw a translucent male face looking down at him! Graciousness.. when he told me this.. my goosebumps popped out immediately!

    :roll: Another one happened in Thailand, think it was hat yai ..but it was my friend's encounter when she went on a company trip..

    That night she was feeling sick and decide to forgo the party. She told her colleague, (2 person in a room) to knock loudly when is back from the party and my friend will open the door for her.

    Her colleague reached the hotel in the middle of the night and banged loudly on the door. After a while my friend opened the door, and she looked as if she just finished bathing as water dripping from her hair. Her colleague asked casually as it's weird bathing at night. :wow:

    The next morning, my friend asked her colleague how did she get into the room when she slept :roll: soundly throughout the night as she's taken some drowsy medicine... Her colleague told her that 'she' opened the door for her, after 'her' bath..

    It was weird as my friend's bedroom slippers were still arranged in a neat manner, and claimed that she slept like a log thru out the night.

    So ... :wow: it must have been a supernatural being who was in the form of my friend .. who opened the door for her colleague, though no one could explain the dripping hair.....

    So scary ***.. erkz. To think that i might be going to bangkok.. and this story really spooks me!!!

    :roll: I heard that East Coast park , the tree near the starting of the bedok jetty, once was the death place of a girl who hanged herself. Sometimes, ppl can see her white figure over there.. Erkz.

    Any other stories?.. It might be helpful to anyone..

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    encounters that are helpful to anyone? i dont see the morale behind it?


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      In case, you know, travelling to the same place, maybe the same hotel.. may encounter the same/similar kind of things.. (touch wood)

      It depends whether you're brave or not.. For me, i'm damn chicken-hearted, therefore, i think it really helps if i should know what to avoid before even going there.


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        But I thought it will make things worse if you subconsciously "remembers" all these encounters you have heard?


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          why woult it make things worst?


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            yes, i think it would make things worst if you were to hear stories. it's all psychological. if you never heard of any, you wouldnt think of any and your imagination wouldn't run wild. if nobody talks of GHOST, will you think of ghost? will you imagine? if the ghost everyone's talking about is so nice looking and friendly, will you still be afraid? it's all the made-up stories that creates impression in your mind.

            personally i do not belive in ghost. hahaha..i'm more "scientifcally-inclined"


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              Yes I think it's worse when you are "prepared" to encounter something spooky, then you are more likely to interpret things that way......many folks travel frequently for work, my colleagues stay in hotels 80% of their time and they are none the worse for it.


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                hahaha i'm having fun reading this though.... i like to scare myself....


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                  Haha...I am trying to control my curiosity and NOT read else I'll freak on my next biz trip. We always stay alone even when other female colleagues are travelling along.

                  But I do like to stay in newer hotels, older hotels tend to bring on the overactive imagination.


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                    but yes, i agree it's a fun thread. have fun reading these stories..but won't affect me much now hahaha! i used to do a mini project on supernatural beings a few years back. it really spooked me for as long as the project takes to complete! ahhaha but after some time, i get over it. it's best not to hear such stories if you are too might anytime freak you out...even the slightest movement of things


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                      You girls might find this interesting...

                      Singapore's First Online Ghost Stories


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                        Originally posted by daphz
                        You girls might find this interesting...

                        Singapore's First Online Ghost Stories

                        This is interesting. There is this group of guys who actually formed a team in search of spirits for experimental purpose i wonder are they the same people?

                        Anyway, can spirit actually enter a temple?Refer to one of the articles


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                          England always comes up when we talk about supernatural stuff. *touch wood* I have yet to encounter these when I travelled. When I was flight crew, I'd usually leave a night light on (or the bathroom light and leave the door almost closed to reduce glare). When I felt a lil insecure then I'd leave the TV and room lights on. Usually the more timid colleagues would've proposed to bunk in with me The Gloucester Hotel in London was really quite eerie. Everything was old and there's a mirror right against the wall by the bed so you saw gaudy and dizzy prints all over Once, in Rome, a fella crew went to the room assigned to me to get pillows (I was most junior so I usually got the worst room - or so they said then). Anyways, the room's right at the end of the corridor. My friend almost freaked out. She said she felt her hair stand in those split seconds she grabbed the pillows. I think she's just too timid, perhaps?


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                            LOL! Glossie, sounds like SQ always gives their stewardess eerie hotels? My friend just came back from Japan (her virgin flight), can't remember what's the name of the hotel she stayed in. But apparently she heard from her seniors that the hotel isn't very 'clean'. And she personally encountered them. She woked up in the middle of the night and heard a couple talking!

                            Glossie, maybe some people can actually feel it when there are things around them. I would sometimes get nauseous or giddy when I stepped into certain room or touch certain things. And I don't step in just once, even a couple of times I would feel the same too. So I conclude that the place/room isn't clean!


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                              Well, I think ghost stories are still not so bad.... the latest one I heard was the worst:

                              My friend's parent's friends went Genting to stay. The room had 2 single beds which were placed next to each other. The couple decided to separate the beds. They found a corpse underneath!!!

                              Apparrently the hotel paid them a lot of money to shut them up. :roll:

                              Another time I was in China on a tour group. There was this other family - the mother, son and daughter who slept in the same room; they kept the bathroom light on. In the middle of the night the mother was rudely awakened by some sounds coming from her son; sensing something amiss she tried to wake her son up. The son, after he regained consciousness, told his mum that he felt something a force flattening him - he was being strangled but he couldn't wake up. Luckily after a while the force subsided and then he was able to wake up.

                              The conclusion the family drew was that a spirit was trying to possess the son's body.. what's more the mother apparrently saw a shadow in the mirror and the silhouette indicated a guy (the shape of) walking away. THe family was extremely shaken and spent the rest of the night awake in the room praying.

                              Anyway to those travelling, I heard one way to prevent such encounters is to place a scissors on the table. Don't ask me why though. It's also good if you yourself carry some kind of religious amulet or charm. Personally I prefer hotel rooms which contain Buddhist teachings or the Bible. Somehow those hotels seem more 'clean'.