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  • Glass or Plastic Blender

    Ladies, need some advice

    If I want to make ice-blended drinks or smoothies, would it be more advisable to use a glass blender or plastic blender? IIRC, I noticed Coffee Bean uses a glass blender to make their ice-blended drinks. Would a plastic blender spoil easily if I use it to blend ice?

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    a glass blender would be more advisable cause glass blenders are specially for making such drinks.

    the important thing is that the blade has to be strong enough to shave glass and its powerful enough that it doesn't get stuck halfway. plastic blenders usually have thinner bladers so they have a higher risk of breaking.

    perhaps you could confirm with the salespeople at your favourite electrical store.


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      Thanks babe! Will go check out the glass blenders then! Wonder if Courts has got anything good on their 31st Anniversary


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        glass would be better.. i noticed that all the places that i go to for milkshakes or blended drinks uses glass blender.. more durable i guess.. but glass blenders not so cheap right?


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          ya~ the better ones usually costs about $100+ But I've seen CK Tangs having promo for certain brands, probably $60-$70+ for one, can't remember which brand though...


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            Anyone into juicing-blender? Need some recommendation. Easy to clean; hopefully keep within budget of $120. Thanks.


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              im using vitamix
              that time i bought was S$1688


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                efai, did i read $1688?? It's like a dozen more times than my budget.


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                  absolutely correct


                  worth every cent
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