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    What is your impression of them?

    Has any of your friends or colleagues or anyone u know hire the service of social escorts?

    What do u think of anyone who hire social escort inorder to leave a better impression on his boss ?so that his boss will think he is a stable man who has a "girlfriend"

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    Very interesting.. havent heard of anyone who hired one just to prove that he is stable in front of his boss? :roll: Is that an excuse?

    Social escort seems to be the higher class of prostitute, thats IMO only. Maybe there are some who only sell their companionship only, i dont know man :eh:

    Why are all the services catered for guys only? How i wish there is entertainment places and services for woman too!


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      i think there is such service cater for women as well hahha but i find it silly to hire such service to prove one's worth. i bet it is expensive


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        Originally posted by namida
        What do u think of anyone who hire social escort inorder to leave a better impression on his boss ?so that his boss will think he is a stable man who has a "girlfriend"
        sounds drama here.... hmm... i think this employee must be damn well-paid :roll:

        heard the girls are paid by hour, like between 100 to 500 anyone willing to call few to find out

        Read articles from HerWorld, yes, both genders do apply


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          Vernis, u go find out! Lets get a hunk to entertain all of us!


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            i have searched the yellowpages and found this website and geez the cost is really high
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              I had a guy friend who used to work as a social escort, think he was paid quite well, more than 100 an hour, just to go clubbing with somebody


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                Interesting topic.. i only know of frenz who work in KTV lounge last time.. Social escort.. Is it really that important to put up a false front? It should be your capability that matters most..


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                  ON = S$700!!!!!
                  no wonder people turned to chat/ forum for cheaper alternatives

                  so actually turned into mistress or toyboy right? :wow:


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                    Hmmm.. anyone noticed the models they featured in the website namida mentioned are actually models featuring Victoria's Secret lingerie? Just that their faces are not shown. What a gimmick.


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                      REALLY? so cheap!!

                      me VS-idot so dind't know


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                        me sucker for their lingerie, and found every picture so familiar

                        Here's one example in which they just edited the colour of the lingerie.

                        Original Photo from VS

                        Photo from the site

                        I pity the guys who fall for the picture *tsk tsk*


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                          from those i spotted on streets, most do own such headlights


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                            I always have the impression that they are very mysterious people who have no choice but to work as that.

                            One of my buddies does hire one from time to time to accompany him to functions and stuffs. The lady does look very posh and elegant.


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                              haha... They must be thinking that men don't shop at VS , so no one will know