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    There's this new Dimbulah at the Quayside (opposite Gallery Hotel). Its supposedly Australian, and very down-under style & concept since they claim to grow their own coffee. I had a cup of very creamy and delicious skinny flat white with double espresso shot at $3, thats cheaper than my usual starbucks and coffee club :wow:

    Menu quite varied catering for all day, none of the stuff you expect from your usual cafe basically. They told me they baked their own stuff so I am now waiting for the chef to whip up an espresso pavlova or sticky date pudding since I am holding them to their words!!

    Oh, funny they serve Australian wine and beer too :roll: which probably mean they serve dinner as well.

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    Coffee, kopi, java.....where's the best?

    Well, i'm a coffee fanatic? i love coffee! but only the hot ones, very auntie right? haahaa.. guess bcuz other than great coffee, we can get to hang out the whole day enjoyin our drinks and lazin around with our friends..
    and i think i can't live without it, my teeths hate me so much for drinkin it everyday. but the most is 3 cuppas...or else...

    the most common coffee places in spore ranging from Starbucks (my favourite Cafe mocha is there...), CoffeeBean, Coffee Club (the mudpie is heaven, iced passion tea, no one can resist), Spinneli...these are the most popular ones..

    so other than these few mentioned coffee places, anyone can recommend other places that serve the best mochas? well, then we can have more options, right..


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      Pacific Cafe??

      I was rushing to Suntec for my bible study earlier and to my horror, I realized that Pacific Cafe is no more around! In place were this huge boards that screamed "TCC" (The Coffee Connoisseur).

      I'm very upset. Pacific Cafe is one of my favourite places to just chill and hang out with my friends. And it's so convenient, especially since I'm at Cityhall at least twice a week...I missed the times where I could just sink into the nice red couches, and enjoy a bottle of Thomas Kemper Root Beer with my Kettle Honey Dijon chips in peace. Where do I go now?

      Is anyone else as upset as I am?

      I miss the good old days at Pac Cafe..


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        got pacific cafe at suntec ***??


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          maybe alleycat meant the pacific cafe at citylink mall, enroute to suntec city...?

          didn't know that it's gone... it's a pity coz i personally find it a nice place to chill out as well! awww....


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            Yup, Pacific Coffee is gonna be replaced by TCC. I enjoyed their big cosy sofas and their drinks as well. Sigh
            Wondering the one near Marina Square still around? There's one near the exit of the escalator out to Marina.


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              not too sure about the outlet near marina square. but i was as equally upset to see pacific coffee gone. simply love to sink into the huge comfy red couches while i'm chilling out with my friend. what happened to it!!!


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                just went to the pacific coffeec company above city link mall (opp marina square), so it's still in existent! yay!


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                  oh no!!!!
                  I love that place too!
                  There're too many TCCs around already...don't you all think so? :Doh:


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                    Tangzi: My sentiments exactly! I feel like TCC is invading the entire area of town.. . I went to the TCC at Cine, and I remember waitin up till 20 minutes just to get the drinks served, and the cafe was so empty, it had barely 5 other people there at the same time. The service provided at TCC also leaves much to be desired..or maybe it's just the outlet at Cine. Either way, I'm personally not fond of the beverages and food served at TCC

                    Dodo: bad. I meant to say Pacific Cafe at Citylink Mall..the cafe that was situated directly opposite HMV with the red sofas..It is or was hard to miss the sight of the sofas..

                    Hmm..I never knew there was another outlet at MS..I was there about two weeks ago, and it was in such a mess due to the major renovations. I had to make so many detours, and I almost lost Is it directly inside MS or near any restaurants? I hope they won't close that down too..


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                      Coffee and tea addicts!

                      Does anyone know how I should go about grinding a bag of beans that I have? I bought it from Vietnam.. but haven't gotten around to grinding it. I don't have a grinder at home..

                      Also, is there such a thing as gourmet coffee cafes, where the staff REALLY know their coffees?


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                        Any lovers of coffee out there ?

                        I don't like 3-in-1 coffee. I only drink filter coffee. I love to make my own coffee at home, just use a coffee cone with filter paper, and put ground coffee inside. It is so much cheaper than buying coffee from Starbucks or even McCafe, and so much nicer.

                        My current favourite is the ground Mocha coffee from Ikea ! Very nice aroma and not sour at all. I can be very sleepy in the morning but it really wakes me up and I don't feel sleepy the whole day. Guess the caffeine is pretty strong.

                        Another coffee I like is "Davidoff" available at Cold Storage. The aroma is super nice, but it is a bit sour.

                        I used to like "Vienna" from Starbucks, will ask the staff to grind for me on the spot.

                        Any other suggestions of good ground coffee ?
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                          Tamarind - Do check out Highlander Coffee? It's near Outram (opening hours: 9am - 6pm). I go there when I want a serious cup of good coffee

                          Highlander Coffee
                          49 Kampong Bahru Road
                          Singapore 169362

                          If you're interested, they conduct coffee appreciation courses .. and even latte art and barista courses too.


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                            Thanks for the suggestion


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                              There's Pacific Coffee at No. 1 Raffles Link (Opp Marina Square), Parkway Parade and also at the Red Building near Maxwell.

                              I read in i-weekly that there are several cafes with cozy settings. One of my favourites based on the pics is the one at Stamford Building. Has anyone been there yet?