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  • Bagels?

    Anyone here knows where I can get good bagels? I *love* bagels, but it's rather hard to get decent bagels in Singapore! I used to buy them from Starbucks and Coffeebean, but they're getting too tough and chewy for my liking. MacDonalds used to have pretty decent ones, but they no longer stock the bagel buns (perhaps due to poor response?)

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    Hi there! I'm a bagel lover too!

    I used to buy from Starbucks but they always overtoast it.

    Now I get them from Market Place (Tanglin Mall, Raffles City Shopping Centre) for $4++ (less than $5) per pack. There are 6 of them inside (frozen ones) which you can take them out separately and thaw before toasting or just eat them like that!

    I prefer them to be lightly toasted and spread with Philadelphia's Cream Cheese.

    I forgot the brand, but they're from USA. Several flavours available: Blueberry, Onion, Plain, etc.. I like Blueberry best. They are stacked vertically in a transparent plastic bag (i.e u can see the bagels) and bundled with a tag (like those Gardenia bread tag).

    This is definitely good bagels by Singapore standards and very chewy.


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      I loveeeeeeeeeeeee bagels too. Looks like there's isn't much food that i don't like. LoL!

      I liked Brooklyn Bagels. They used to be at River Valley Rd but has already shifted. I loveeeeee bagels. Actually i'm introduced to it by a ex-NZ colleague. Since then, I was hooked.

      I've checked the directory, seemed that Brooklyn Bagels has vanished from our shores. =(

      Anyone here in the know for good bagels, do update us.


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        Thanks for the tips, girls! I'm definitely heading over to Market Place later to grab some bagels!


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          ruthie >> haha saw the bagels at jasons! it's $5!!! can't decide which one to buy... onion one seems interesting... my guy like the egg one... so in the end we didn't buy!

          but yea.. at least now we know where sells them!!!


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            pardon me, *** r bagels?


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              Bagels look like donuts right?

              How do you eat it? Plain or with spread?

              I saw a lady ate a Bagel at Starbucks before and I wanted so much to try.


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                Yeps, donuts sans sugar topping. You can eat it plain, but personally, I prefer to eat it with cream cheese spread.


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                  Yes yes... I love bagels with cheese spread. Especially blueberry bagel with cream cheese at Starbuck... yum yum


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                    what are bagels ?


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                      Short quote from

                      The bagel (or sometimes beigel) is a bread product traditionally made of yeasted wheat dough in the form of a roughly hand-sized ring which is boiled in water and then baked. The result is a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned and sometimes crisp exterior.

                      Melbourne's McDonalds serves bagels as part of its breakfast menu.
                      Ate it once but didn't like the taste of bagels. So never eaten any bagel again.