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Exercising to a better health!

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  • Exercising to a better health!

    I guess this is kinda a motivational thread! Have any of you started taking up exercise and notice signicant changes to your body and overall wellbeing? If so, tell us about it!

    I've been going to the gym regulary for the past 2 months- I try to go every other day for one hour each session. I've noticed that my stomach is now flat and toned when it was sticking out loads before and had loads of extra flab on it! Suddenly, people have also been commenting that I look a lot more relaxed, which I think is a result of all the exercise I've been doing. Of course, my overall fitness has improved dramatically and nowadays I have a lot of endurance to go on the gym equipment for much longer and also I don't feel lethargic anymore! Before I was overeating at lot because I was bored at home, but now I divert this boredom into something construtive by doing exercise, and the weight is dropping off me! And of course because I feel fitter and more confident about my body, and no longer feel self concious in some clothes. So much benefits to talk about, that I can't believe I didn't do this earlier!!

    My next task is to take up Pilates on a regular basis. I've heard several friends tell me how good it is for making you look streamlined and toned. And not forgetting the way it tones those stomach muscles like no other exercise can!!

    How about you gals? Have you stuck to a fitness routine and have seen it make a significant difference to you? If so, what was your fitness regime? And are you still keeping up with it now? What changes have you seen to your physical and mental wellbeing?


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    Wow!! That was an inspiration to read! I definitely need to get off my bum and start exercising! Very timely too because I just went for a short 2k jog yesterday after months of not exercising at all.


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      Yeah, after reading your post, i think i shall start hitting the gym soon and stop bumming around at home Need to lose weight (lots of it!) heh


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        Yeah, go for it girls!

        I actually joined the gym back in Decemeber and it was quite some time before I actually made use of that membership!

        Establishing a routine and getting into the swing of things is probably the hardest thing about it. But once you do, and when you see the effect it has on your body, then you do start to enjoy it and want to go every day!! You might even see yourself turning into a fitness freak!

        Seriously, it doesn't take that long before you see a difference in your body! For me, it took about a month of training.


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          happen to saw this post !
          I am going to do a daily exercise routine starting this week too !
          in fact now as I work I start to do a bit of strecting , alternating my legs at 45 degrees.

          My plan was to go for swimming lessons with bf on Mon .
          If no swimming, I will go jogging myself.

          And whenever I got home before 8 pm I will do a jog in the neighbourhood followby situps . Otherwise I will be doing sit ups !! hehe

          I never go to the gym before, not sure how to do a regime for myself therefore.


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            Ooh, great thread fantasia! I just happened to get my bum off the gym yesterday and boy do I feel good! My legs were a little achy but overall i slept much better and definitely more alert! :D
            Same with the other girls, I took some time before I made full use of my California fitness membership!

            I think I would try to get my bum to the gym 3x a week?


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              Originally posted by Jean
              Wow!! That was an inspiration to read! I definitely need to get off my bum and start exercising! Very timely too because I just went for a short 2k jog yesterday after months of not exercising at all.
              Jean: a 2km start is a good start!! because if you have not exercised for months, you got to start off slowly and build up..

              Fantasia: wow you really motivate me to do my exercise everyday..although my tummy has flatten abit by the exercise i have done, it still doesn't look very toned.. ..and my inner arms too..h-aiz..think for my arms got to take light weights to tone them..


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                Fantasia that's very motivational!

                i had been doing excercise on and off, only about once a week. I started doing it every other day last week...and it's only a week and i can feel my body toner and my clothes fits better already!!

                Your post motivates me to carry on further


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                  This is really a red alert for me to go back to the gym on a regular basis after more than a month's hiatus!!


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                    I'm pleased to hear the gym bug is spreading

                    Just remember to start of small and then build up. And don't forget to try to incorporate different types of exercies to workout different muscles. It also makes it more interesting. Remember to pick something you enjoy doing, so that you're more likely to continue with it

                    My training has been focused on running recently, because I'm doing a 10K run for charity in 2 weeks time! I don't want to focus so much on running, so this is my new updated exercise regime:

                    Mon - 30 mins jog on treadmill & 15 mins weights
                    Tue - 1 hour pilates class (it's great for toning the tummy!)
                    Wed - rest day or gym optional!
                    Thu - 1 hour yoga class
                    Fri - 10 mins on these:cycling, rowing, crosstrainer & 15 mins weights Sat - rest day
                    Sun - 1 hour pilates class

                    Do let us know if you've devised one for yourself!

                    Anyway, have fun and do keep us updated with your progress!