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  • RMIT Degree

    Hi cotters,
    hope you all dont mind. I gathering some information for my boyfriend.

    Anyone heard of this RMIT degree?
    Is the:
    1) employment
    2) recognition
    3) education
    4) course fees good?

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    Are you talking about RMIT degrees in general? Or a particular degree from RMIT? RMIT is a reputable Aussie uni. If you want a more detailed answer than that you'll need to be more specific.


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      Yup talking RMIT degree in general. By the way, how recognised are their degree here? If you graduated from their business course, then do you get amost the same pay as those from ntu and etc? RMIT is better for their science and technology right?


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        Actually no, RMIT is actually no good for technology or engineering courses. They were actually a polytechnic-equivalent but only ronverted to university status in the 1980s-90s (can't remember the exact date). So they are still very new as a university.

        Their business courses seems alright as I've friends who graduated from there and are employed in the government sector.


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          So the government sector will also employ RMIT gradutes?
          That's good to hear that.
          How about paywise?


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            Actually, I think the government sector will employ anyone with a degree as long as its not from some unknown African University! I've friends who hold degrees from universities that I've never even heard of, being employed by governments, big banks, mncs etc.

            Paywise, they are comparable to local graduates.