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Happy Mother's Day!

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  • Happy Mother's Day!


    Being a mother has opened up my eyes to many things ~ the truth of childhood, the joy of newness, and the purity of fun!

    Happy Mother's Day to all Cozy Moms, especially those celebrating it for the first time. May you have many, many more happy moments and days with your precious ones.

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    Mag and other mums and mum-to-be, Happy Mother's Day to you too!


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      Same to you all moms too!


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        Oops i am late

        Hope all the mummy have a very HAPPY MOTHER DAY


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          sorry,realll late but thought i should share this with all you mothers out there with a daughter. Share it with your own mum too! It's a superbly beautiful song P.S get really that tissue box of yours!

          In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride

          In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
          I am strong and wise and I know no fear
          But the truth is plain to see
          She was sent to rescue me
          I see who I wanna be
          In my daughter's eyes

          In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
          Darkness turns to light and the
          world is at peace
          This miracle God gave to me gives me
          strength when I am weak
          I find reason to believe
          In my daughter's eyes


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            Happy Mothers' Day

            Just wanna wish all Mothers here a very blessed Mothers' Day.

            Prov 31:28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.


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              HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!

              How did everyone spend Mothers' Day? It was library, lunch, church, shopping and dinner for me and my boys. I enjoyed myself a lot and even bought something from Lunasol for myself!


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                We went to the Line restaurant at Shangri-la Hotel on Saturday. Just me, my mother and my little girl It was so crowded ! The food is fabulous

                On the way there I bought 2 carnations, and asked my little girl to give one to my mother, one to me


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                  went 2 jumbo seafood on sat then sunday dine at home with my mum. my hubby still owns me my present


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                    Wow all of you so happening wor!

                    We just stayed at home as my hubby was not feeling well (poor him) but I really enjoyed my time with my sons though I was so busy!

                    Sad thing is, my hubby is away for reservist now for 2 weeks. And he cannot book out til Fri


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                      haha... my hubby just finish his reservice on fri. notice that my hubby got called out for reservice many times already. next reservice is next yr

                      sorry, v OT