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    Feel like making it for my mum later, any tried & tested recipe which resembles sakae or sushi teh ones?? Thanks!!
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    I got this from one of the cooking newsgroups. It's important to strain the mixture, and not over-steam it.

    Chawan Mushi


    For the custard:

    4 eggs
    2 1/2 cups dashi* or chicken stock
    1 tsp. salt
    2 tsp. soy sauce
    1 tsp. mirin (sweet Japanese rice cooking wine)

    *dashi is a Japanese fish stock made from dried, shaved bonito flakes. It is easiest just to use powdered dashi which is often labelled as "Dashino-moto" or "Bonito-flavored soup stock". Each packet makes a LOT of dashi, so I usually heat up as much water as I want and then add dashi powder to taste -- just so it tastes like a decent stock (for me the level of saltiness is the key). Chicken stock also makes an excellent alternative.

    Other ingredients are pretty much whatever you like. I often use whole peeled shrimp and/or scallops sprinkled with sake, bite-sized cubes of chicken sprinkled with soy sauce, mushrooms (enoki are common, but dobin, or shitake cooked in dashi with soy sauce and mirin are good too), ginko nut, and thin strips of spinach for decorating on top (in the summer you sometimes see a bit of lemon rind on top as well).


    1. Add all the custard ingredients EXCEPT the eggs to the dashi. Heat
    until dissolved.

    2. Break the eggs into a large bowl. Mix them well.

    3. Pour the warm (not hot) dashi into the eggs and mix. Strain through a sieve.

    4. Line up four chawan. Chawan are small cups with ceramic lids.
    If you don't have chawan, you can use ordinary coffee mugs.

    Distribute the other ingredients in the bottoms of the four cups -- a
    couple of pieces of chicken a shrimp a scallop, etc. Don't try to fill
    the cup, just some nice surprises in the bottom.

    Pour the egg mixture into each cup, leaving about a quarter inch at the top. Criss-cross a couple of thin strips of spinach on top of the egg mixture then cover each cup with a piece of foil.

    5. In a wide pot big enough to hold all the cups, boil about 1"-2" of
    water, about 1/2 the height of the cups.

    6. When the water boils, place the cups in, lower the heat to medium
    low. Cover the pot and steam until the custard has set (i.e. a bamboo skewer will come out clean.

    7. Optionally, at this point you could cut lemon rind into needle thin
    slivers and place them on top of the custard, though I usually don't.
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      hi saresha, sorry forgot to update, i tried your recipe and it was great!! delicious!! thanks alot!


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        Sarsh, you got anything for Japanese Curry?


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          any got the recipe for cold tofu with century egg topping?


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            I am keen to know how to make tempura batter and Japanese Curry. Anyone can share ?


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              Chawan Mushi is my favourite got to try them. As my cooker is induction type so sometimes i can be lazy to try cooking with it. Don't feel shiok


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                I buy the pre-packed curry sauce from NTUC