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    Well, not too sure if you're just like me.

    I have tons of wishlists on various sites such as Gap, Fred Flare, Amazon.
    However, I've wished that I could have 1 central wishlist so that I can glance ALL my lemmings at once.

    So went & found

    Pretty cool website.

    I've now keyed in all my wanted items in 1 website...easier for me to keep track of my lemmings!

    And if there are future Valentine's Day or X'mas Swap, this'd be easier for us to view each other wishlists!

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    cool! thanks for sharing kopibeauty.

    Now, i wished my fairy godmother, where ever you may be, pls come view my wishlist. Perform your magic powers and let them all be mine!!!

    Erm... can someone pls pinch me?


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      Vel, i can pinch u, box u, kick u! What else do u need?

      Anyway this website sounds cool! Everyone should have a wishlist there!


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        bite me hard!!! *i like!*


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          if i'm creating an account what do i put in for the zip code?

          i'm putting one online so SO knows what i want!

          i think it's cute to have your own wishlist online so your friends know what to get you for birthdays! instead of them getting you something which you don't need/ just bought/ don't like.


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            That's a smart move chiri !
            I've tons of lemmings to add too


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              i'm a little tired of trying to ask my friends discretly what they need when the birthdays come along each year. and i think everyone has the same problem? i'd rather get something my friend likes than get her stuff she might not want. heh!


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                Originally posted by chiri
                if i'm creating an account what do i put in for the zip code?
                For the zipcode, I put a fictious one. Or you could also put your Singapore postal code.


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                  thanks babe! didn't know we can do that. feel like a mountain tortoise. keke! now i shall think about the stuff to put into the wish list. lalalala!


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                    Glad to be of help!

                    *goes back to typing more lemmings into*


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                      oh no..this will make me for more!! ah!!