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Fridge/washing machine cement+tiles base

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  • Fridge/washing machine cement+tiles base

    Having a renovation soon and I'm wondering if I can have some feedback on these issues. Does your house have any cement base for the frige/washing machine/dryer? Is it that neccessary? I'm not into it because I'm worried that I might be forced to get a standard size electronic goods for that. If the market decided to create bigger items like fridge then I'm in for the trouble. However my SO is trying to brain wash me by saying that dirts get easily into the base if there's no cement base provided. Also, its hard to clean the floor etc. But I'm not going to splash kitchen/service balcony with water! Anyone can advise on this?

    The amount to be spend on the above will be around $280-300. Thanks!

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    initially I was thinking like you but changed my mind after I visit some of my friends' homes. IMO, its better to have the cement base. Of course you won't splash water but you need to vacuum/sweep and mop the floors right and trust me dust really have their ways to get into there.

    Even now those small space in between my sink and washing maching got alot of dust which is difficult to clean yet the dirt is there:Doh: .....must wait till next CNY spring cleaning I ask my hubby to take out the whole of washing machine to clean that area but this chore too tedious.

    These $$ cannot be save instead you can try to save on your build in furnitures.


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      Just build a bigger base if you think you need a bigger fridge later on!

      I understand your problem and I had the same consideration before too, then I decided to build a bigger base for my fridge. (end up i bought a big fridge too! haha)

      Once a while i think you will need to spring clean the kitchen area, and that's when you probably need to "flood" the floor for thorough wash! the base would be important then!


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        I did not do the base as I dun think it is necessary. Furthermore, the bottom part of my fridge is already raised (comes with stands), so whether I do the base or not, dust will still get inside.

        Actually, why do you have to 'flood' the base when cleaning? I mean, it's not like you are doing heavy cooking everyday with oily food like frying (or do you?), where the oil will stick on the floor type.

        For me, I just use vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust then mop .... Forget it if you can't reach those inner areas ... nobody's gonna see it anyway

        Btw, if your fridge is going to be placed next to your kitchen cabinets, then the fridge base has nothing to do with the flexibility of changing the size of your fridge. Reason becos your cabinets are custom-made. Contractors will ask you what is your fridge size is before they start work, so that they can leave an allowance for your fridge.

        Hope this helps


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          My status
          Fridge: have base
          Washing machine: no base

          Fridge is part of the built-in cabinet area so without a base, it looks awkward. The washing machine is against the opposite wall and we forgo the base since our kitchen is open concept and the base wouldn't look pretty.

          My 2 cents.



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            Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback! I am more or less confirmed of getting a fridge base. Conclusion=get a bigger base. I might be using a small frige now for 2 person but who knows if I'm going to upsize my fridge after the household upsize too

            I'm still deciding about a dryer + washing machine base. I've a service balcony so I dont need to splash the floor with water to clean the service balcony