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Solar heat control film for cars

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  • Solar heat control film for cars

    Would like to know how effectives is the solar film? Install or not? Anyone with experiences?

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    My SO did it. I don't know if it's just me, but I think it does help to a certain extent. It's good especially when it's always so hot and sunny in S'pore I can't remember where he did his but I can check for you if you are interested.

    Apparently he did his with people in his car forum. If there are 5 cars doing it, the fifth one will be FOC. So the cost shared amongst them will be significantly cheaper.


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      IMO, if car is parked in open carpark whole day till after work, install or not install is no difference.

      heee... for aesthetic point of view, go ahead

      many Sporeans go JB install.


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        don;t go jb and install, its illegal u will not pass the LTA inspection... just an advice...


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          filee may I know which car forum your SO is from? Cuz my husband did the exact same thing! Buy 4 get one free!

          I agree it does help to a certain extent, especially given Singapore's weather. Just like wearing sunglasses. However, you can't really look in very clearly at night (Which i find its good!) Usually the back seats can take a darker shade.


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            hey ginger, are you the one who just raved that your hubby won a $1000 in some car competition? Lucky you!!!

            My SO is driving an altis, so it's the toyota car forum. Is your hubby driving a toyota too? Yup, the back seat is much darker than the front. But no worries, it doesn't affect the visibility at all. If I am not wrong, it's V-kool (?!!) I have to double check again.


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              filee, yah he just won some $$ in a competition!! No he is not driving a toyota, so they are from different forums. Currently he is driving a Mitsubishi.

              The one they are having is not V-Cool. V-Cool is pretty expensive!


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                $1000 is quite a bit of money. You must be
                Oh now that you mentioned it, I think I vaguely remember SO mentioning that V-Kool is expensive! Maybe it's not V-kool after all.
                It could be the same place that your husband went to. :eh:


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                  Doing it in JB doesn't mean failure at LTA inspection. Do it at reputable installers is ok. Good installers have a gadget to test the final light transmittance level.

                  If your current car has zero tinted glass, can safely install 75% tinted level for back & 30% tinted level for front. If your car has tinted glass from manufacturer, need to factor its current tinted level before choosing the film.

                  Do it locally is safer as the installer knows each make of car better. Altis has zero-tinted level if i am not wrong.

                  Here's extraction from LTA's regulation on tinted glass.
                  The following requirements must be met when installing tinted films:
                  a) They must not be of the reflective type.

                  b) They must be tested for compliance with light transmittance requirements by a competent agent accepted by LTA e.g. Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING) and authorised vehicle inspection centres.

                  c) The resultant light transmittance for the front windscreen and two front passenger windows must be at least 70%.

                  d) The resultant light transmittance for the rear windscreen and the rear passenger windows must be at least 25%.

                  e) The front windscreen must not prevent, obstruct or interfere with the transmission of signals between the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) facility.


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                    filee the money is gone with all the treats we have to give! heheheh. I think its the same place they went to.

                    For those who are thinking of tinting their windows, I greatly encourage it. Its definitely more cooling especially in our hot weather!


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                      Awww... okay at least it makes everyone happy and there is no need to fork out extra cash! That is good too

                      Am quite sure it's the same place cos' I asked SO yesterday and he said it's not V-Kool and there is only one place that offers the 'buy 4 get 1 free' promotional gimmick.

                      He gave me the name but now I just can't remember the name
                      If anyone is interested, let me know. I will try to find out again.


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                        i want to install car film too! but wondering if it will keep the glare out or does it just reduces the glare. especially when there is a bright ray of light shining on a particular side of the car, will it get blocked out?

                        currently using those foldable shields, it can block out the ray, but it's really troublesome to put up.

                        which brand is good and cheap?



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                          I don't how effective solar films are to a driver cos' I, myself, can't drive.
                          But I can help you find out which place / brand which my SO goes to since he raved so much about it. (It's the same one as ginger's husband).

                          An alternative would be looking through car forums? I think they would know better. HTHs


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                            For those who are interested!!

                            Perfect window has got solar films called ray barriers.
                            They have the 'buy 4 get 1 free promo' yea.
                            The webby is


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                              oh if you guys want V-cool, pm me. i can get good discount it's nothing, just have to drop your email or hp no to my "lobang"*