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  • No Sew Curtains

    Does anyone know where i can buy similar products like the brand: BondaWeb?

    It's useful when making no sew curtains whereby it is applied with a hot iron and a damp cloth and takes the place of a needle and thread.
    Therefore, no sewing is required. Just have to buy curtain clips and a curtain is made.

    I wonder whether Spotlight do sell this kind of material. Anyone knows pls drop me a message. Thanks.

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    Hi puffy,

    I think ikea has. But I'm not sure if they sell it seperately or together with the curtain set. You might want to check with them.


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      I think I've seen it at Spotlight but that was some time back.


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        hi gals, i went online and found out that Bostik do sell this kind of bonding material. I think those D-I-Y shop might sell. I shall go there and take a look some day.



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          Hmm puffy, are you redecorating your house or are you also furnishing a new flat? *laugh* Anyway, Spotlight sells something called fusible webbing, which is a strip of material (comes in a roll like scotch tape) that fuses two pieces of cloth together when ironed. There are different strengths and it's supposed to last through washings. I have not used it before, so I can't attest to its durability. It's used a lot in garments though.


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            In fact spotlight has some curtains with it all done, and can be cheaper then buying cloth and bondaweb. Since GSS coming, might be a good idea to wait then go spotlight and really check out their prices.

            Just a thought.


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              Hi Aiingel, i'm only re-decorating my room. LOL.. well, it does sound like i'm doing the whole house..

              Hi Julie08, thanks for the reply. I shall check it out though..

              For the bostik which I've found on the web, it's an adhesive not not in tape form. So i'm doubting its strength to hold curtains together too.

              But nevertheless, I will drop by Spotlight to take alook. Thanks.


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                There are few online shop that offer different types of curtain, either vintage or lace. You can try at Etsy or Ebay.