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Death of someone you love/know

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  • Death of someone you love/know

    I'm writing this with a heavy heart.

    I just received news that one of my juniors in school passed away on mother's day.

    She committed suicide by jumping off the 11th storey on mother's day.

    I do not know what was the reason, neither am I close to her.. but it is very upsetting.

    People giving up their lives in such a sad way.

    My friend's blog quoted : " Her mother will probably never celebrate mother's day again. . "

    It really takes a lot of courage by jumping off a building, and i believe she has reasons for doing so, whether it is selfish or not.

    I really hope she is in good hands now, no more sufferings.

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    I have friends who attempted suicide before. They said they went through such severe emotional pain that slashing their wrists (physical pain) had become a form of relieve for them.

    A few years ago, one of my schoolmate killed himself too. I don't know him well and I don't know the reason. But it's definitely a big waste cos he would have such a bright future ahead of him.


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      this is very sad...
      hope they will be more happy now...


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        i read already also very sad...dont say is my friend or what...sigh...she knew the reason herself...
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          Sure is sad, but I guess its even sadder for the mum as it happens on Mother's Day.
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            Sorry to say this, but I find people who committed/attempted suicide very silly. What problems can't be solved that you gotta end your life so abruptly....

            I pity her mum..


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              abit silly...maybe she still young?but they should be more considerate not to hurt others around them?
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                Originally posted by waiting4you
                i read already also very sad norhx...dun say is my friend or wht...hais...she knew the reason herself...
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                  i have edited them `


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                      whatever the reason for committing suicide, i still think she took a lot of courage to do it. Even looking down the escalators makes me a little tingly sometimes..

                      Somehow it's selfish, but she's already gone. Hope she finds peace now.

                      It's really devastating for her mum, to dfind her daughter of 20 years passing before her.


                      I'm not close to her in any ways but.. what denise say is true.. Just a phonecall away.

                      It's better to cherish our life and everyone around us. If not, there'll only be regrets..


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                        ya.. i agree with you. the same thing happened to one of my classmates. But it was the day after mother's day. NO one knows why but he was pretty depressed for quite awhile and he wouldnt confide to anyone of us what his problems were no matter how hard we tried to tell him that we were there supporting him.


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                          A person who dares to take his own life has no fear of death. there must be something more frightening than death itself. I think it has something to do with not being able to face up to family and society, a meaningless existence in short. Life has no meaning if it has no purpose. In this sense, religion could play a useful role in giving an alternative sense of purpose to the person. Possibly why during the Asian crisis, more people are reported to turn to religion.


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                            I believe she has a religion,or maybe know that she can find solace in religion.. because we're from a methodist school.

                            sighz. I still remember her walking around the band room, holding her percussion stuff. . .


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                              Originally posted by fates
                              Sorry to say this, but I find people who committed/attempted suicide very silly. What problems can't be solved that you gotta end your life so abruptly....

                              I pity her mum..
                              I totally agreed with Fates, nothing cant be solve, if you have the courage to die why not use the courage to face your problem, what can be worse than being death. Even if you die it does not mean the problem is solve, the problem just hang there and even create more problem for other .

                              After being a mother myself, i think a person that committed suicide is punishing his or her own mother rather then the person that do wrong to them that make them have the idea of dying. Cos the person that grieve the most is mother, the person that will alway remember you no matter how long you are gone is mother, a lot of hard work, love and patient has being given to you to nurture you from a baby into a adult, so how can you make her suffer. As for the person that do you wrong only shock by the news and their day will still be as usually.