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  • Preschools

    Dear all,

    I am looking for a preschool for my dd.
    Search the forum and could not find anything about the above.
    Appreciate if your thoughts on the below listed schools:

    1) Calvary Baptist Kindergarden
    2) Thomson Road Baptist Kindergarden
    3) Elim Kindergarden
    4) Newton Life Kindergarden
    5) Ascension Kindergarden


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    I got recommedations for schools in the west but not your area. If you need more information search:

    For kindergaten:

    For childcare:


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      I registered my gal for MaryMount kindergarten next year, it is just beside Marymount Convent Primary school opposite the Thompson Road's Flora shop. The reasons I registered her for the school is

      1. near my home (bishan)
      2. christian teaching
      3. it has a compound of its own. I like kids to be embraced by natural surroundings, with lots of trees and sunshine.

      I actually did not go around looking for any schools, I just saw the banner, drop by and then decided to register her.


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        Originally posted by ashlee
        I got recommedations for schools in the west but not your area.
        Ashlee, can I know your recommedation for west side schools. Want to register my baby when he turns three..


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          Friends had put their kids in the childcare at Creative Technology, but I'm not sure if it's also open to the public. Good reviews about it - of its experiential learning.


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            Creative Technology? What's that? Nursery? Montessori? Kindergarten? Where is it? Thanks!


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              It's a childcare centre operated by Creative Technology (Jurong East) itself- from nursery to kindergarten. Their own employees have subsidies if they put their own children there. They are not based on the Montessori methods. Not sure if they have programmes for below 2 yrs. They operate like Pat's Schoolhouse programmes - where they have outings (experiential learning) monthly.


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                Hello Mothers

                Need to check, where do you send your kids to and what programmes do you arrange before they turn three?

                Anybody has experience with pre-nursery, full day child-care, or even special curriculum like those offered in Julia Gabriel?



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                  hi marge....

                  this is what i did with my daughter.

                  6 mths to now - aquaducks swimming program for babies
                  10 mths to 17 mths - growing up gifted
                  17.5 mths to now - halifax pre-nursery half day program
                  23 mths to now - rythym in me


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                    I highly recommend Faith Kindergarten @ Commonwealth.

                    The school building and facilities are very new! They have lots of classroom, teachers are very caring and loving. They have lots of activities for the kids...

                    My boy enjoys going to school everyday, he is happy and loves his classmates & teachers!


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                      Hi Moo

                      How's GUG? I enquired about the classes before and even took a look at the premises. Saw a lot of painting and water-play going on. What are their syllabus like?


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                        Any other recommendation for schools for 3 years old in the west side of Singapore? Jurong area?? TIA


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                          Hi Marge...

                          GUG's Babies' class is 1.5 hrs long and its a combination of story telling, puppetry, songs, phonics, art/craft, science concepts (water-play), sometimes even cooking. It aims to expose the child to different stimuli. My intention was to expose my daughter to other kids, build some social skills and occupy her weekends. The marvellous part about it was at the end of 2 terms, my daughter at 16 mths could sign the entire alphabet on her own. She wasn't talking yet so she could only do the hand signs for A-Z which was taught at GUG....and all that time I thought she wasn't paying attention cos she was walking all over the place when class was on.

                          More info on


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                            HI Moo

                            Sounds interesting. The class size is big I noticed.

                            Currently my eight month old is attending Kindermusik, it's more like my weekly aerobics class because got to carry her around the room and dance for some 45 mins

                            Dunno whether it'll be good to exposed her to GUG instead. Think their classes are for nine months and above or something.


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                              There is a very good teacher at Kidsloft if you are staying in the West. Check out: