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Gown fitting - what underwear?

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  • Gown fitting - what underwear?

    as above what should i wear for gown fittings & usually is there any norm for underwear worn on the actual day - i know alot of people wear corsets & girdles - any places selling nice underwear to recommend rather than the auntie usual looking ones at departmental stores?

    I was thinking of a strapless white bra & a box cut panty so that if i get exposed its not so bad it just looks likeswimwear.

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    vit C I think alot depends on the pattern/cut of your gown as well. Some gowns have put in bras, so you don't need one. If you are planning to wear girdle and such, it would be good to have them ready before your fitting. If you are unsure about which kind to wear, you can consult your bridal shop.

    Most importantly, you must be comfortable in what you wear so that you won't end up miserable on that day!


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      i agree with ginger..

      depending on your gown.. a bra may not be necessary. you may want to consider wearing a silicon bra? those that just stick to your breast type?? these are really quite popular for brides.

      as for underwear, do take note if visible panty lines is an issue with the material of your gowns. usually, the evening gowns may be cut closer to the skin, so its important to get a panty with no visible panty lines.. you wouldn't want to have VPL on your BIG DAY, do you??



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        I would suggest not shopping for your underwear until you have decided on which gown you would be wearing on your actual day. Cos different gowns would require different underwear e.g. my gown already has a "built in" girdle. And thus, to wear another one would not be neccessary. Once your gown is chosen, then ask your bridal shop for the correct type of underwear to buy. I think this is the wisest choice.


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          I don't see a need to purposely buy new undies for fitting, nobody will bother what you wear inside. What's the design of your gown? For most it comes with the padding, most people do not wear a bra under the gown. If you don't feel comfortable just get the nipple tapes will do.


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            its best to decide on your gown first than u decided what undergarment to buy.......depending on materials....i think g-string still the best because of VPL.....


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              I think there's no need to shop for new bras and panties, for me I didn't wear any bras at all for the entire wedding because my gowns have the padding. As for panties, I wore a G string for my evening gown coze my gown was very fitting and its made of Duchess Satin. But for wedding gown, no one can see VPL coze the gown itself will normally be big therefore concealing.. wear something comfortable coze you'll be running ard and will feel pissed due to the weather and the dress's weight


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                Thank you for your replies, I was thinking of getting Marks & spenser's body girdle it has sizes but i have to buy only nearer the wedding. I just bought a new strapless white bra (as i dont have anything that is presentable should i have to stand naked in front of the bridal lady or she has to help me fit - just too awful to show old underwear. Paisey.

                I have in mind a corset top v-princess cut at the navel (inverted V hopefully has something hard there to press down my tummy) & the rest plain satin skirt will do - i am not too fussy. JUst was considering a behind strap up deisgn for the corset incase i slim down later (still fat) so that i can tighten it - as for the exposure of the back - i hope they can do a pc of cloth to block the v parting area of the back where the straps to secure the corset is - so that it can block my visible bra or body girdle if i shuld wear any.

                I am going for simplicity as i dont want anything too beaded or overly designed so that it will not emphasis my body but have more attention to my face instead.


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                  hi vit_c, i bought a corset from JL lingerie at suntec city few weeks ago. it's some french brand which i can't recall now. as it was GSS, the price was slashed half, only paid 75 bucks for it. you may want to check it out. a middle-aged lady served me and her service was superb.

                  other places would be Ero Lingerie and blush!


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                    OH i found out that its best not to buy 1st as the trial or fitting needs no bra at all as most of them have internal girdle & paddings. Also i chose a corset with back about 1 inch strip exposed so no full bodyshape wear - possivle to get those with low back cutting but it will cost alot more & i will risk - underwear peeping!

                    I am only going to get some boy leg underwear perhaps even though i dont need the thigh shapping - cos all my dresses are quite A line.

                    I look quite ok in corsets but not spagetti straps.

                    Good shape wear i was told by the bridal shop - cost up to $200 a pc. wow!