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  • Choose: Pay Benefit or Job Scope etc...

    Which would you choose?

    1. A relatively easy job, not challenging, and very boring to you, but with reasonably good pay (not exceptional), or

    2. A lesser-paying job which involves working on Sat/Sun, but more interesting to your interests and personality


    Please share your views. Thanks.

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    For myself, job satisfaction and enjoyment is more important. Usually if you enjoy your work, you will tend to put more effort and end up doing better so eventually $$ will still come in.

    Life is too short to spend 3/4 of your life doing something you don't enjoy.

    Caveat: I'm single and have no financial responsibilities other than myself.



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      i will choose one. in fact, i m in a job like this.

      but m choosing the latter one soon. gonna change job somewhere this april.

      it's not short term to me u c. but i think i can get more $$$ in the long run when i choose the 2nd option 'coz career path is better.

      so, i shall just sit back n relax as much as i can for now. can surf email 60% of the time!! muhahahaha....


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        my current job is (1) now .. quite good pay, bosses 90% not around and 90% of the time i'm surfing the net haha. good for short term i guess.. long term .. no prospects.


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          Originally posted by miracle
          my current job is (1) now .. quite good pay, bosses 90% not around and 90% of the time i'm surfing the net haha. good for short term i guess.. long term .. no prospects.
          same here.

          in fact, i m afraid i can't "take it" next time when i get back to a more busy lifestyle.

          i m getting fat n complacent! hahaha...

          it doesn't do any good for young ppl like us!
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            heh i think this is also very dependent on what jobs they are exactly, your current financial situation, and also what you want currently out of a job and life.. i believe that these change over time!


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              I was in situation (1), but am now doing something similar to (2). Definitely less stressed now since I enjoy what I do. And I have more time for myself too.


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                Thanks for all your replies, some are quite funny. At least they make me feel better that some of you are in the same shoes.

                Am in type 1 job now, but contemplating changing line to type 2. Even then, it does not mean $$ will automatically come later (like what angie said), bec. some type 2 jobs are of a certain level with a certain (lower) pay scale, so won't get much pay rise, unless you get promoted to another level, which would then become more like the type 1 job. Even then, I may not get the type 2 job bec. employers may not believe I would stay long, even if I'm's a dilemma. :Doh:

                Any more comments? Care to share?


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                  Good thread! My experience can't be classified under your 2 types.. they're actually turned around - which offers no consolation at all, you'll see:

                  My Type 1 pays well but it comes at that price: high stress, which affects my whole well-being. Type 2 pays me peanuts and gives me peace of mind at work, but not in the financial department. Which would you have taken? You tell me.

                  Sigh. In life, you pay as you go.


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                    My first job was like type 2, something interesting, something i wanted to do but my pay was almost half of what i deserved. A job scope you love but with lesser pay didnt necessary make me happier. I was NOT given prospects even though i think i worked really hard. And being broke all the time was something that depresses me after a while.

                    I left the job after sticking in for 1 year (for experience) and landed myself something similar to what i was doing previously, still generally contended and the pay is pretty good.

                    I had a friend who was in a type 1 job. did nothing the whole day and get paid sh*t loads. She quit after 2 months because she cannot stand feeling useless and inadequent.

                    I guess it's a very subjective preference, really.


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                      Yes, definitely subjective, Elaine. My first job's being a flight stewardess. Couldn't imagine myself doing that for longer than 6 months. Quit after about 2 years. Many crews would confess that they don't like their jobs but they can't do w/o the money.. and honestly, what else can they do when they don't have the paper qualifications?


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                        No. 2 definately when I am in my 20s and No. 1 after 30s or when you have more commitments like house and kids


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                          I'm in job #1 -- A relatively easy job which I'm thankful for. When things get boring I'll just look for things to do, e.g., busy myself with other people's jobs

                          SO is in job #2 -- He earns slightly more than half my pay, but I see that he's happiest in this job. He gets a free reign to be creative without having people telling him how to do his work.


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                            fresh graduates fall in here!

                            i am caught in between while i was doing my rmit degree in sim, i am doing part time retail sales.i am earning about 2.8k to 3k for 4 days ( it was long hours from 11- 10 pm, 2 weekdays and 2 weekends). my weekends are burnt off as a result. i am contemplating to switch career. there was once when i brought this matter to my boss. i told her that i was offered a position by a company of 2k ( 5 days jobs- permanet executive postion with all the benefits).she told me that her husband and her would be sad if i were to leave. it makes me so guilty so i turned down the other company's offer. should i LEAVE or not? am i putting my degree to full use? the perks of this job is 1) flexibility 2) money earned now is generally higher than my classmates . 3) not stress in work.COns of this job 1) NO benefits at all 2) if u work you got CASH 3) no medical leave 4) no annual leave. the question that i like to throw at you is
                            a) how much are you earning now? which industry are you in?
                            b) should i leave or hang on to the current job?
                            i would appreciate if someone can guide me


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                              Basically, you should choose the job that is going to offer you the better career prospects in the long-term and matches your aspirations. If you've just recently graduated, then now is the time to make a career switch- the older you get, the harder this becomes.

                              A good boss would understand your reasons for leaving and would not hold you back from realising your ambitions. At the end of the day, you don't owe your boss anything- people come and go- it's just one of those things.

                              I felt guilty about leaving my last job for a new one. In fact it took me 2 weeks to pluck up the courage to tell my boss; and when I did tell her, she was a bit dumbstruck. I felt so bad as she'd been so kind to me! Nevertheless, in my heart, I knew this was the right decision as I don't want to be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of my life.

                              Yes, I have left the saftey and security of my old job, but I start my new job in a weeks time, which my first 'proper' job since I graduated in summer. I'll be working for a business consultancy as an executive specialising in international trade

                              Admittedly, I am a bit nervous about venturing into the
                              unknown and taking on so much more responsbility, but to be abe to try out and learn new things is quite an exciting prospect.

                              Anyway, my main advice is...

                              It's YOUR career, and YOUR life, so do what is good for YOU!

                              Good luck with making your decision