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Doggie bathtime!

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  • Doggie bathtime!

    I just got a doggie. its a westie. Each time it poo poos or pees, im tempted to give it a bath. But it poos so many times a day and i know u're not supposed to bath ur dog too many times... =(

    Also, because im toilet training it, i place newspaper in its playpen. Its white fur around its legs have turned pretty gray as a result. I wana clean its legs but im not sure how to.

    anyone facing the same problem?

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    Hi, my Viki bath once a fortnight, but i clear her with wet tissue and powder her every night so she will smell good

    I will use wet tissue to clean Viki leg after she pee n have accidently step on it.


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      I bath my dog alternate days as he has skin problems. Whenever he goes out or step on his poo poo , I will wash his legs with his shampoo or use 4 containers filled with soapy water and put his legs in each copntainer and make him stay there for a few minutes.

      Summerday, what kind of powder do you use on your dog? Will he get any allergies? Is there a specific powder for dog?


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        piggy, if your dog has skin problems shouldn't you bath it less? Bathing your dog too often gets rid of the natural oil coating which protects their skin and can lead to more skin problems.

        My 3 dogs get bathed every 5-7 days. Every time we bring them out we'll wipe their paws with a wet towel though, and every night before they go to bed we wash their paws clean.


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          i bathed my dog once a week..

          the greying of ur doggie's fur is due to the newspaper. why not line a layer of mahjong paper on top of the layers of newspapers? think it does help..


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            Yup, babyflite is right, piggy. if your dog has skin problems, you should bathe him less. And soaking his legs is shampoo water isn't going to kept his condition either. What dog shampoo do you use? Some dogs are sensitive to their shampoo and it makes their skin break out (mine's like that). Do you know why he has skin problems? i.e. food allergy, contact allergy etc? The first step is to isolate the cause of the problem, then you can start to treat it.


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              His skin problem is linked to food like chicken and lamb so now I only buy dog food with fish. Also, no treats for him as it contains too many preservatives. He has two types of shampoo. One is the stronger shampoo which he will be bathed once a week. I got these from the vet. The other shampoo is the mild one and is used alternate days. The vet told me that I must keep my dog clean so he recommend me to bath him alternate days.

              Not only that, his bed, pillow and toys has to be washed every week to prevent the collection of dust. The house also has to be dust free too :roll:


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                max 3 times a week.

                min 1 time a week.

                I could say bath in hokkien , mandarin , english and it understand. Wag it tail.
                Follow me into bath room.

                My dog love to sunshine after it bath. But have to see whether sun light shine near my living room or kitchen.


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                  SummerDay.. what breed is ur viki? is once a fortnight sufficient? I just bought the wet tissue thingy as well. *** powder do u use? baby powder or specially dog powder.

                  babyflite.. how do u wash only their paws? using the wet towels is it?

                  priscilla... yes, its due to the newspaper. Hey.. mahjong paper is a brillant idea.. i'll go get it asap! Thanks!

                  piggy... sounds like u have alot of work for ur doggie.

                  musicroad.. ***! how did u train ur doggie? haha.. even in hokkein! im so impressed! lol


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                    bath mine every sunday after walk
                    it know and its scare

                    Every sunday after its evening walk it will quickly run under the bed and refuse to come out

                    in the end got to drag or carry it to the bath room haha


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                      We put them in the bath tub (one by one of coz) and then just wash their paws using the shower head and a bit of shampoo/soap if they are really dirty. Usually just water is enough though.


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                        my brother or father will bathed our snoppy once a week....
                        he is afraid of bathing.... :Doh:
                        very cute....


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                          I bathe him once a week too
                          he will run here & there after the shower
                          & so happy feeling so fresh hahaha.