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    Are there any recommendations for types of food etc to eat for high blood pressure? My Dad is driving us crazy! He has not been feeling well and tells us he's sure it's high blood pressure but refuses to see the doctor! He did not follow up with the doctor after his check ups which shows high blood pressure and hypertension coz he does not want to be put on medication.

    This has been going on for a while and he did try to eat foods purported to reduce high blood pressure, but on the other hand, he eats out for lunch and is not careful about what he eats.

    Since he would not accept medication, are there any TCM remedies to try, some herbal soups maybe that would be easier for him to accept? TIA!

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    it might be wise to see a chinese doc abt this.

    i did a google seach

    hope that helps!



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      echo_nym, you might want to remind your dad that HBP could lead to stroke and causes paralyses. Its no small matter cause my dad has it and he's under strict medication. Its best to combined both east and west medication and it has worked for my dad for the past 25 years he's been having it.


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        Also, try to encourage him to take up some gentle form of exercise as physical activity is known to help reduce HBP. In quite a few cases of HBP is lifestyle related, and it's important to stress to him that he needs to look after his body better.


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          Please let your dad know the seriousness of having hypertension. It is a silent killer which would leads to stroke! Therefore it is wise, to be on medication even though how much he dislikes it. The side effects of not taking the western medicine is he would feel his head as though something is pounding/throbbing headache etc.Therefore,you can see him throw temper or pale in the face. This show that his blood pressure is high. No joke. To sought for chinese medicine to control, i am not sure about it and whether does the chinese physcian perscribe the medicine which would helps ur dad remains to be seen. I would advise you that if your dad is decide to take the alternative medicines to control, while he is on it, die die make him go poly to check his BP whether is it ok?If not OK, you have to seek other means to control. Do do that asp cos' this is a serious matter.



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            Thanks for all your replies. He went to the doctor today and got his meds!

            We were all very surprised and very glad he did it. The doctor was horrified at his blood pressure.

            I never realized the physical effects of hypertension i.e. headaches and general lethargy were so serious. wheekwheek, you are spot on on his symptoms.


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              what is his pressure degree? is it very high?


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                encourage your dad to live a disciplined life; he has to control food intake esp oily & salty food. most impt of all he has to excercise regularly. doing it alone is tough but with the help & support from the family will do wonders.