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    Originally posted by lolitapop

    Oh and does anyone here like Will and Grace? It isn't avai here, but it's one of the best sitcoms around! Hilarious.
    ME!!! I got hooked to it while watching it on tv in the US...Then I came back and tried downloading off kazaa for awhile
    I love Will,Grace and their funny "sidekicks" friends Jack and Karen...
    I think Jack is the funniest character...hahaha,he plays a really convincing role of being a gay!

    Anybody knows whether malaysia has the dvds or sth?Shipping from amazon is really expensive.Wished Singapore would just show it

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    Love 'Will and Grace'! Watched it only when I was in the states, now I have to settle for piecemeal d/ls from the net. darn!
    Now they've brought SATC in, its time for 'Will and Grace' douncha think?


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      redpetal: We wish... But we can dream on!! They'll never bring it in, at least not now, because of the gay stuff inside. Sigh, they even edited some image from Survivor Vanuatu which showed an innoucuous peck on the cheek by two women. Why? because they are lesbians! And I can still remember Amazing Race: they also edited some footage between two gay people!


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        brainspoil: haha, well yes! even SATC is such a watered-down version its almost choppy! Just like they won't ever bring in 'Queer eye for a straight guy' sigh!!