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    Just when I thought everything will be back to normal after laproscopy to remove cysts from my ovary, was told by my gynae I had endometresis and fibriod as well. She could't get to explained to me after the surgery as my mum was rushing for me to be discharge; another gynae discharged me.

    To tell the truth, I'm still recovering from the news. The pics taken during the laproscopy showed how messed up I am. I've been given a GnRH agonist jab to starve off the endometresis and fibriod. I'm quite depressed from time to time, I will ask will I still be able to have kids when I want to.

    For those who are suffering from heavy menses and stomach cramps during menses, please go for vagina scan or pelvic scan. That's the best thing you could do for yourself.

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    hi beckooky,

    i am sorry to hear that.

    but would like to know if regular PAP smear will do?

    i've experienced heavy menses and have to resort to painkillers for the first couple days of menses as (feel like my womb is dropping).

    i feel quite lethargic, is that normal during menses?

    i will see blood clot during my menses, did u experience it? Also i frequent the toilet, like mild diarrheoa.
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      Since you've done pap smear, can do a vagina scan as well during your gynae checkup.

      I've had very bad menses since my teens, didn't pay much attention to it since mum always say it's normal, will get better after giving birth. I do experience symptoms like yours. Had taken ponstan & subsequently another type of painkillers during menses.

      I have been doing pap smear annually since 7 yrs back. Nothing abnormal everytime. It's only 2 yrs back I started seeing a gynae when I noticed my menses cramps got worst. That gynae only found a tiny fibroid during the first vagina scan I did. Was advised to adopt a wait & see. Just a month ago, I found my menses really weird; had continuous bleeding for a month. Seek help from another gynae. The last vagina scan shown a 3 cm cyst. During the laprascopy, my gynae removed another 2 more roughly about 1cm each.
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        hi beckooky...
        i am sorry to hear that....

        how are you now?
        please take care and dont anyhow think...


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          Hi just to butt in a little..i've not much knowledge on this but i've work at the pathology dept in SGH before as a temp..erm mainly typing of doc's reports only..i saw those specimens sent in for diagnosis...

          Some very young girls (say maybe around 20-25) even have their whole uterus + ovaries taken out due to very very severe menstrual cramp...

          Ya i agree with becko0ky that if you are suffering from severe menstrual cramp, please do go see a doctor..

          thanks beckooky for sharing~ i hope you'll get well soon....and dont worry..


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            Sorry to hear about that Beck..hope you'll get well soon.

            My mum had cysts too. Thank goodness she's fine now. She undergone an operation to remove it. She always advise me to sleep in a proper position when heavy-flow days. She said that if not, the blood will flow backwards and will form cysts in long term. There's more medical theory to that, i'm not too sure..

            On the other hand, my mense is irregular. It comes once in 3 months, normal flow. Maybe a little cramp, but loads of clots. (Mum also says that clots are the result of pain. The more you have, more painful it is. And it's not very good)..

            Oh yar, my sis takes Ponstan too, to relieve her pain.



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              how servere would be define as severe? i do suffer from bad cramps and backaches when i get my mensus.

              panadol menstral doesn't seem to help. and i'll avoid taking it most of the time.

              can i know what cysts are? i'm bad when it comes to terms like this. are they blood clots that stay inside the body? i saw this TCM sinseh previously and he says that it's not good to have blood clots right? but how do we prevent them?

              beckooky: hope you'll get well soon!


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                chiri, cysts are lumps of flesh (non-cancerous) formed...if im not wrong at that?

                yeah its quite difficult to measure whats "severe" as different people has got different threshold for pain....hmm i should say if it affects your daily routine, that means it's severe? like you can't walk nor stand up? hmm i really dont know...

                once in a while i do get very bad menstrual cramps but it's very seldom.....and i've blood clots coming out too..but i guess that's normal right? hmm..


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                    thanks dears for the info! really helpful. i guess women should be more careful and pay more attention to the details ya?


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                      hi beckooky

                      :eh: i've never done pap smear before... maybe i can consider doing it.


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                        Thanks gals

                        Am getting better...guess the hormonal jab is wrecking havoc with my emotion. Hee hee, hopefully I will not become a monster when I resume work.

                        Fondue: Pap smear is generally meant for women who had sex. Wouldnt advise you to do it if your hymen is intact. Pap smear is used to test for abnormal cell growth @ cervix; it can't test endometersis / cysts / fibriods. Go for a pelvic scan. They use ultrasound so no worries.

                        I feel its important for us to go for checkup once you note there's abnormalties in your menses cycle. Initially I went to my gp when my menses didnt stop and there's sharp pain on my right pelvic. Gp press press said nothing wrong. I wasnt convince as I think I can feel a round bump. Turns out its my enlarged ovary.

                        Even though there's little medical proof, I am very vigilant of my menses cycle as 2 of my aunts have their uterus / ovaries remove either due to endometersis / fibriods / cysts. Hopefully I dont find out till its too late to do anything.
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                          one of my close friends suffered from irregular menstrual cycle half way into our uni life. and i was so shocked that she had mensus for a whole month! it's either that or her mensus will stop for as long as 4 months. luckily she did went to see the gynae and the gynae gave her pills to stop her mensus to bring it back to normal.

                          have been reading all about pap smear and pelvic scanning in all the magazines. but i always dismiss them as "i think i don't need those".

                          i seriously think i should take good care of my body and not just dismiss the warning signals.


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                            Any cotters experience side effects from Luprin Depot?

                            Just take my 2nd jab last friday & my side effects seemed to get worst. Am having joint aches (despite being on calcium supplements), memory lost (no kidding!), insomnia and poor appetite.

                            I dont mind the last ( lost 7 kgs since op as many food turns me off) but the other 3 scares me. Was reduced to tears on mon cause i cant remember quite a few of my students name when taking attendance.

                            Had went to my gp to get medication for insomnia and depression.


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                              Dear beckooky,

                              Cysts and fibriods are very common among women... Hope u r ok now.

                              I'm usually very heavy on my first 2 days on my menses then 4th day finish ****. Will experience bad cramps on the first days...and mild diarroea. Blood clots yeah... first two days also.

                              Some ppl who got ppl but no experience cramps at all. Does it mean they r healthy and we are not?