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Living with housemates

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  • Living with housemates

    i'm currently comtemplating whether to share flat with a french guy. I have another female room mate. what do you girls think? :roll:

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    The 1st question that pops up in my head is - what if he brings his girfriend over to spend the night at the place? Is that okie? Or would it awkward?


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      I don't think the issue is whether he's a foreigner/french or whatever nationality. It's whether you will be able to get along with him. What is his character/personality like? If you think he's a nice easy going guy who will be easy to live with then why not. As for bringing girlfriends over, I don't see a problem with that either since I'm sure there will be times when you bring boyfriend/s over as well. Just make sure all of you sit down and agree on house rules before moving in together.


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        I agree that its not the gender that plays a very important factor, its down to whether you can get along with him. I have never moved out of my house but I've seen people of both genders staying together & making good out of it. And like you mentioned, there's another flat mate of yours, is she agreeable to the idea?


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          yup, we agreed on it. But afraid of , what if he turn nasty on us, and inconvenience..

          sigh. I'll just reject him. My mum is so totally off the idea of having a guy at home.

          Thanks girls..