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    My dream job is to be a nurse. But i did not have a diploma in Nursing because my result wasn't good enough for NYP. I understand that to be a nurse in SG i need to be Registered with the Singapore Nursing Board.

    Anyone knows how else can i fulfill my dream? Can i do training on the job?

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    I am a RN, under National Heart Centre but currently deploy to an Oncology Ward in SGH.


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      RN - Registered Nurse, SN - Staff nurse = Diploma holder/Deg holder

      EN- Enrol nurse = from ITE


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        im intending to go back to sch to take up a dip in nursing too. btu come to think of it by the time im out, very old le. but its one of my ambition honestly speaking,not much people is in favour of my decision


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          I may sound very irresponsible if I have to say this.

          Choosing this course was because I thought my mum can send me to Aus so that I can see my ex bf, due to my father health issue, I was sent to Sg to study this course!

          Another reason was because I wanted to choose a course that has nothing to do with MATHEMATICS eventhough I got A1 in my O' level. Kinda regret during my first year in NYP, everyone including patients said," why you choose this course? You result very lousy ar?" THen I'll answer them with a very stern voice," My aggt is 13 and it(lousy result) only applied to partial local !"

          Sorry, I think I sound very very bad but this is partially true. Admission for Dip in Nursing, your aggt can be as much as 28-29.


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            I opted for Nursing at both NYP and NP after I got my O level results recently! Results weren't that jialat but I chose it cos of my passion.

            Any nurses or aspiring nurses here? Pls share!


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              oh really>? i opted for both school too.. result wasnt tt bad too..but i still chose. haha..wondering whether we will meet in the same course .kee


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                Haha hopefully! Anyway I sent out two letters hoping to get a scholarship, from Singhealth and HPB. I put NP as first choice. How abt you?


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                  so fast to apply one ah?haha..i wait for the result to come out den i apply..
                  hmm.. i put nyp instead.

                  do you know what is the difference between this two schools or not?
                  i don't really know.

                  u stay near NP?


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                    Anybody in Nursing?

                    I'm will be appling for nursing next week.

                    Anyone here is a nurse? Hows the school like? & the sponsorship like..?

                    Is it really tough?


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                      hooray! the government is raising nurse's salary from $30 - $250.. (correct me if i'm wrong) heard from the news last night. :D

                      i'm not a nurse though.=X hahaa..


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                        what's the pay for nursing? is it true that there is a large demand for nurses now in Singapore?


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                          As what i know, intake for NYP is about 600+ .. There's quite a bno of demand for nurse in SG .. Maybe cuz not alone of ppl is willing to take up this course .. My cousin got 13 for L1R5 and she's applying for nursing .. My bro is once from nursing and he is a paramedic now .. Stable pay and relaxing job .. Haha .. But all along i feel nurse is so important !

                          Actually i'm hoping to take up nursing course too .. But must think properly first ..


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                            hey all!

                            i'm waiting for my a level results now. 2 years ago i was comtemplating going to NYP for nursing but i was very afraid that i'd regret, because no one supported me back then.

                            then i held on to my faith and i think i'll most likely go into nursing too! =) though i'd be going Australia/UK for my degree in nursing. so glad to hear that there are other people like me who goes into nursing because of passion!

                            the general impression of nurses in singapore is really =X a lot of people think it's some low-case job and only meant for people without good results. like go in only because "i've failed everything", to quote someone i came across. i was pissed laaa. such prejudice =X

                            ok good luck to everyone with their applications! =)


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                              it's heartening to see that quite alot of u guys are considering a career in nursing.. considering that it's not viewed as a very 'glam' job here.. i work in healthcare too (not a nurse though).. and i think being passionate about one's job is very important.. esp for nursing.. a responsible nurse who works from the bottom of her heart will definitely make life easier for the other pple working along side with her..

                              due to the poor response of locals to go into nursing, hospitals have to employ foreign nurses. not that they are not as good, but there's always the language and cultural barrier..

                              all the best to those who express interest.. follow your dreams and strive to make a difference!