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    Hi moms and moms to be,

    My hubby and i are currently looking at baby stroller for my baby gal due in sept and would like some pointers as there are many stroller brands and varieties. We went stroller shopping last sat and were overwhelmed by the choices....

    1) Should we get those with infant carrier seats so that transfer of baby from car to stroller will not be disruptive to the baby (esp if she is sleeping)

    2) Is there any reccomendation for one that is easy to open and close? All those that i saw does not seem to be a one hand open close type even though they advertise as such. My hubby was struggling to 'throw open' and to keep them and i dont see how i can do it with me holding onto the baby.

    3) Wondering what are the cozycot mommys using: Any praise or grouse about their current strollers?

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    I am looking around for stroller many models.

    Currently eyeing Graco or combi.


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      Ooh... can i ride on this thread as well? My plan is to sling for the first few months, then get a stroller appropriate for age 3 or 6 months and above. Is this a practical option?

      And as for car seats, should i get an infant car seat, and another one in a couple of months, or is it better to get a convertible one? Such a headache, this!


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        I'm also looking for one. Which are the shopping malls that carry most brands?


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          mayne, the kidsmall website is a good place to get an idea of prices. Some stuff is a little cheaper elsewhere because of the sales, but it a good point of reference.


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            things to consider when choosing a stroller

            1. get those which allow the back rest to be lowered down completely, useful for first few months when baby's neck support is not good yet. and also when baby prefers to lie down to sleep.

            2. those that combined infant car seats are good to prevent baby from waking up when moving from stroller to car. also good when weather is hot and if there is a separate infant car seat which has been sitting in the car, baby won't get a shock when being transfered into a hot car seat. unfortunately, these type of stroller combination tend to be costly and bulky. so if price is not an issue you may want to consider this.

            3. one handed operation. if you need to handle baby alone, one hand operation is a must. i use a combi which allows me to "throw open" the stroller just by depressing a button below the handle.

            4. stability - usually you will get these sales people selling you strollers that are really stable, i.e. will not topple backwards when you have loads of shopping hanging on the handles. but you have to consider whether you want a heavy stroller (bad if you need to handle baby alone) i needed a light weight as i needed to be able to load it into the car myself, so i just have to remember to remove all the heavy stuff before unloading baby

            5. bulkiness - singapore has rather small shopping aisles compared to malls overseas. so you will find that alot of foreign brands have really bulky wheels which are good for navigating rough terrain but if you are intending to push baby around in the malls and for walking around, try not to get one that is too bulky (big wheels and wide).

            the two baby stores at kaki bukit both have a wide selection, but be sure to check out both stores before deciding.

            rear facing infant car seat can be used up to about 20lbs IIRC. the next upgrade can be used from 9kg onwards. my infant car seat was loaned to me by a friend, and we used it till she was about 9 months old, could have used it longer but our friend got pregnant again and we had to return it to her


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              Crystal's post pretty much covers it..
              I got a Britax carseat which is suitable for infant til 18kg.. Britax is suppose to be one of the safer brands of carseats around, but not cheap.. MIne retails for close to $400.. It can be found in Kaki Bukit..
              As for a pram, mine has reversible handle, pram hood can cover the pram totally, pram can fully relined til flat, closes standing up and is 5 kg.. Think kaki bukit and kiddy place as well as kids mall have quite a varied range..


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                I am a Maclaren fan and will use this brand of strollers for whatever children I have. Already using the Techno XT and Quest.

                Not a problem for my child transferring her to her carseat and I so hate those bulky stroller/carrier combination.

                My considerations of the stroller:

                First and foremost, would be navigation hate to navigate a three-wheeler or a bulky pram through Sg small aisle.

                Second would be comfort for the child.

                Thirdly would be the price nothing more then $300 because it wouldn't be worth it.

                Other considerations:

                1. Must be compact and easy to fold with one hand or be manageable.
                2. Space in the stroller I notice some combi's make the baby seem squash no where to turn about.
                3. Preferably lightweight so I can just carry when met with obstacles, esp in SG where no one wants to help!!
                4. Sturdy this is very important! Some strollers I feel (like Aprica) has so many joins seemingly so filmsy when I move them up and down escalators. Kindd scary.
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                  My husband wants to get a 3 wheeler pram which is kinda of bulky, IMO. But he thinks that it is easier to move around with the big wheelers. I might find it too bulky for me to carry. I am going to make him consider after all these feedbacks.

                  By the way, where is the 2 baby stores at kaki bukit? Any prominent building?


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                    Crystal has done a very comprehensive list

                    I originally wanted to get the Maclaren Techno XT but in the end i realised i needed a stroller for overseas trip, the weight of the stroller became one major consideration. I ended up with a Graco EDT Luxe cos it's light enough. After using stroller for 3 months, these are my personal preference:

                    1) stroller with full canopy
                    My Graco only has half canopy which i end up using a shawl to cover when baby is sleeping to cut off the light. Also i went to France with it and when the cold wind blew, there was nothing to protect baby from the cold.

                    2) 2 way facing
                    As a 1st time stroller user, i kept peering into the stroller to make sure that baby is ok. Having the stroller rear-facing also cuts down the wind, a feature i regretted not having while in France when the weather was cold

                    3) One-hand operation
                    My Graco needed one hand and one leg to operate, something which i can't manage when i'm alone

                    4) Light weight
                    At 4.5kg, my Graco is light enough for me to lift it up the stairs with baby in it.

                    i'm still hunting for the perfect stroller


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                      Ashlee, does the Maclaren Quest fold with one hand? I'm wondering since it's the umbrella type stroller, it seems like need two hands.

                      Also, is the Techno XT heavy? At 17lbs, it's the heavier Maclaren and I'm pretty scared of heavy strollers!


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                        Hi Ashlee,

                        I like the Maclaren Techno Classic 2005 but its 8.3Kg isn't that abit too heavy.
                        The Maclaren Techno XT 2005 seems nice too.

                        Can give me your feedback on Maclaren heavy weight strollers, convenient for you to navigate around, fold them, etc?


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                          Yes my favourite is the Quest but I like the Techno XT as well but used it less often since it is in my hb's car. Planning to give it to a friend so can get the new Classic 05 !! Yes at 8kg+ it is really heavy for me to handle alone so hb does it but now my girl usually don't need the stroller anymore.

                          I can fold the quest with one hand no problem for me it's really light, stable and easy to use. The best is it manovering!! Can turn in tight corners really well. Same with all Maclaren I think the only difference is the weight. I like the Quest coz it can recline enough to let me daughter sleep. It's my fav!


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                            I've got a Maclaren Techno XT....been using for about 8 months already.

                            Initially when it was being used, it was always with my husband and the car around so opening and closing the pram was never an issue....but recently, i've become more adventurous and have been going out with my baby alone.....and i realise that there are several disadvantages in the Maclaren Techno XT.

                            1. It's really kinda heavy and the shopping malls and streets in Singapore are hardly stroller friendly with steps everywhere....and with the weight of the stroller + the weight of my baby, it's 16 kg to lug up and down stairs which is quite a strain. There is also no proper area for you to grip when you carry the stroller up and down stairs.

                            2. It's hard to open and close it with 1 hand. Realised this first hand when I had tea with a friend the other day and the place was kinda squeezy which required us to fold our prams. Once i took my baby out and was carrying her in my arms, i couldn't fold up my pram properly and needed help. Same thing when it was time to leave and i had to open up the pram. My friend who had the one-hand operated pram was doing it with ease (envious: )

                            Ashlee: can you open and close the Maclaren Techno XT with 1 hand (wondering if it's just me being clumsy or something.... :Doh: )

                            But aside from the above, the pram does navigate well and does give a less "bumpy" ride to the baby compared to lighter prams. So I guess if you'll be using the pram only when help is around, then this may be suitable. Haven't tried the Maclaren Quest but will definitely take a look at it given the rave reviews by ashlee....


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                              practice practice... maybe next time ashlee can show you how to open the techno xt with one hand

                              i couldn't really open my stroller with one hand too initially, took lots of practice... and my light pram having smaller wheels does make a more bumpy ride for my baby but i think she's kind of used to her clumsy mum bumping her here and there....