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  • Sauna / Steambath

    hmm..After some searching i realised there is no thread on Sauna/steambath, therefore, i decided to start one here.

    As i have been starting to go sauna/steambath once a week after jogging now, i would like ask you gals what are your skincare/haircare regime when you sauna/steambath?

    Like is there any special tip to look out for?

    After sauna/steambath, wash ** face with cold water? Put conditioner/hairmask when doing steambath, etc? Apply body lotion after everything?

    If possible, some step by step procedure when doing sauna/steambath?

    As i am afraid of aggravating the condition of the face/skin since they are subjected to hot temperature.


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    No help from me, sorry. I just cannot stand the heat. Makes me choke.


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      Not a sauna fan here too. The weather is so hot in Singapore sometimes that it's already like being in a sauna itself.


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        Originally posted by atypical
        No help from me, sorry. I just cannot stand the heat. Makes me choke.
        Another one who cannot stand the heat, it gives me a headache.


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          Errr not very well-versed in such "techincal" aspects like skin being aggravated or etc...
          But i usually go down and have a quick suana whenever i have the time so that i can steam my hair

          Just some tips that work for me:

          -before suana, splash entire body with cold water.
          -apply conditioning treatment for hair(a MUST for me cause it's my main purpose anyway )
          -bring in the body lotion and apply generously
          -during the time while having suana, pores will expand, and usually i'll prick on the blackheads
          -AFAIK, some ppl shave after suana too(but i havent tried that though!)



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            Some Questions On steam & sauna facilities at California Fitness

            hi there.. the characters input in the subject was limited so i couldnt pose the question properly.. this is a question posed to those who have use the steam and sauna facilities at california fitness..
            1. is the steam bath and sauna separate?
            2. do u normally do steam bath and sauna one after another? if so, which comes first?

            sorry i know i sound very idiotic.. but its been a long time since i went for one.. and i cant remember very clearly...



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              Hi, the sauna room and steam room are separate, but they are next to each other at both outlets in orchard and Raffles Place.

              I see that people usually do their steam bath after a hot shower. IMO, its really up to you.

              However, the sauna serves to continue the process of burning fats after your cardio exercises, so since you are already hot and sweaty, might as well step into the sauna before shower.


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                oh so is it after exercise you use the sauna, then you shower then you use the steambath?


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                  I am not too sure if there is an exact routine for that, but well, I observed that a lot of girls like to go for steam bath after their hot shower, to open up their pores so that they can apply their body lotion and moisturiser.

                  Sauna is more intense, so it should help to speed up the burning of fats after your cardio.


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                    I heard that some girls applied deep treatment conditioner into their hair and then stepped into the steambath for a "free" hair treatment

                    Also read somewhere that those suffering from eczema should not use the sauna as it will aggravate the skin condition.


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                      for those who go to gyms, do you all use the sauna and steambath? so what do you all do while in the sauna/steambath? daydream? i always sit there and relax but feel quite idiotic doing so. haha. how i wish there is a personal sauna/steambath so that i can lie in there naked . no silly thoughts please!!! its just that i feel the towel gets in the way? do anyone feel the same as me? or is it just me liking going au naturel ?


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                        i do feel the towel is a bit extra...i always bring my conditioner in..haha condition my hair at the same well....

                        just sit there and relax...i never try sauna...i would love to have steam bath and sauna at money and no space...


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                          california fitness steam room & sauna room is share with other member or one in a room??


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                            i love steam baths.. use to go when i had a gym membership.
                            I would pop for a shower, leave the conditioner on my hair and pop into the steambath
                            if no one is there i would sit there naked.. i think the towel doesn't really help much in helping to steam your body. Of course if there's ppl i would wrap myself..
                            Find steambaths very relaxing... plus steaming my hair with the conditioner is really good treatment.
                            After steaming.. i get rid of blackheads.. heh heh


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                              I go for my gym's steambath at least 2 times a week. What kind of hair/body treatment cream do you guys normally put on?