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How to stop coughing?

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  • How to stop coughing?

    I've been having a cough since a week ago (after recovering from a high fever). Can any juice or food help to relieve coughing?

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    see a doctor? sorry not meant to be sarcastic hehhh but that would seem to be the most practical ... but other things you can do to help recovery would be avoid cold water, chicken meat, anything sweet as that can create phlegm. plenty of vitamin c would help .. if you have bad sore throat with your coughing.. my own personal hat trick was room temperature or warm coke (de-fizzed) with half lemon squeezed into it.


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      I think wood's peppermint (if that is the name) works wonder.
      At least that was what I heard


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        nto for coughing, but if you are having a sore throat, take a pinch of salt and eat it.... and you can see the effects fast! i've tried it myself a few days ago!


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          Silomat Syrup is good for persistent dry cough.


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            I would strongly suggest you see a doc. I delayed in seeing a doc for my cough, and it has been going on for 7 weeks already till now.....I've a muscle tear as a result of excessive coughing, an xray to confirm I'm ok, finished 7 bottles of cough syrup and lost count of no of pills taken......prolonge cough is no fun.......


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              Thanks for all your advice.

              I've already visited a doc but he only prescribed some cough syrup to me.

              LittleLambie, I hope you're alright now.

              PinkyGal, eat salt? That will be very salty!!! Do you just swallow or leave it inside your mouth and let it dissolve slowly?

              filee, is wood's peppermint a cough syrup?

              bebelatte, any idea where can I get the Silomat syrup?


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                yes babe, its a cough syrup


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                  you can get silomat from guardian pharmacy. don't need any doctor's prescription , approach the pharmacist.


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                    Originally posted by cloe
                    PinkyGal, eat salt? That will be very salty!!! Do you just swallow or leave it inside your mouth and let it dissolve slowly?

                    yes salty indeed... but effective! swallow it, to let the salt 'cleanse' your throat. mum says salt is good in cleansing off bateria or something.


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                      depends on whether its a 'dry' cough or 'wet' cough.

                      chinese physicians will prescribe different remedies. i went to eu yan sang after 1+ week of coughing (and having finished the v lousy and ineffective cough syrup from doc). they recommended this HORRID tasting powder remedy. but damn, it worked

                      foods to avoid - fried anything, cold drinks, milk (cause phlegm), OJ.


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                        cloe, try taking Redoxon. I had persistent dry cough for about 2 months the last time. Scary! No matter how many times I went to the doctor, my cough never go away, it got better then worse then better then worse again. My colleague insisted I take Vitamin C to build up my resistance, so after taking it for about a week, my cough went away. Otherwise its more doctor and cough syrup for me


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                          drinking water is important
                          if the cough is getting bad to worse, think u need antibiotics (i am not a doc so dont quote me on it)

                          beware of self-medication also, cos sometimes it can bring on worse effects
                          hope u get well soon!


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                            Last Wednesdsay (08 Jun), I was coughing so bad that I finally tried the "salt method" after work. I swallowed half a teaspoon of fine salt and it was very, very salty. For me, it didn't work. My cough persisted. PinkyGal, guess the method may not be effective for me.

                            On Thursday evening, I bought the Redoxon chewable tablets and took one. I also took the 止咳茶 (Herbal cough tea) which was bought from 福华 (Fu Hua) for $3. I was really amazed that the cough was not so much at night.

                            On Friday, I took 2 tablets and had the herbal tea again. The result is effective. I have absolutely minimal cough at night. By Saturday, I only had very slight cough.

                            Wow! Don't know whether it's due to the tablets or the herbal tea, but I'm really glad it works! gin_c_2000, thanks for the recommendation!


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                              no problem cloe! Glad you're getting better! Cough can be a nuisance sometimes! :Doh: