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    Has anyone seen HK magazines like MILK sold in sg?

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    Kinokuniya @ taka sells Milk. It's near the Jap section right at the back. If you can't find it, just ask the SAs from the Jap/Chi books counter and they'll give you the latest copies. HTHs


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      Also at more 'powerful' newstand in your neighbourhood.

      In town, the one outside Heeren is good.

      If not, neighbourhood comic shops do carry them too.

      usually i get Touch, Bian Li & Monday too. Now they have Tuesday too


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        There are quite a lot of shops in Bras Basah Complex selling HK and TW magazines.. I used to buy over 10 magazines in 1 day in the past..


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          Actually, they're easily available @ places like Kinokuniya & Borders. Go try your luck there!


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            how much does MILK retail for in sg?


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              Liberty market....


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                yes, they had a roadshow at Century Square last week. good steal ah. *guilty* grab so much, now they are still in their clear packaging. Ray, u experienced missing supplements with this stall before? i hate it when such things happened!!!!! buy for their "new bags news" ah


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                  Yeah, when buying HK magazines, it's best to check the GWP.. Cos a lot of dealers think that we won't realise that the GWP's missing.. Plus, HK magazines are not that easily available, so it's harder for us to check too.. Just my


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                    especially those cute cosmetics pouches!!!!!

                    if get from JB, not so bad, also has good catch.

                    Ray , ahem... me like the same type of supplements as U

                    sometimes they use tight shrinkwrap & insert silly cardboards inside so we can't check if not, got pinched by others. ok ok, this happens to the Jap ones too.