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    From your fave to least fave. Include raves and rants, so we know what to avoid.

    1) Macdonalds!
    -best french fries and fillet o' fish is superb!
    -hot fudge sunday (: and with some nice counter staff, you can ask them for extra fudge and they'll give you a heaping load!
    -sausage mcmuffin, my fave brekkie item!
    -tempura chicken burger, yum!
    -expensive and tiny hashbrown not my type.

    2) MOS Burger
    -great cheeseburger!
    -ichigo bliss is really sheer bliss!
    -Teriyaki burger was the worst burger I ever tasted in my life.

    3) Delifrance
    -All hail the seafood croissant!
    -Goes extremely well with Orangina.

    4) Burger King
    -Mushroom Swiss! Heavenly!
    -Fries are not so good.

    5) Pizza Hut
    -Stuffed crust Hawaiin!
    -Beef Lasagne!

    6) Subway
    -Roasted Chicken Breast in Hearty Italian Bread. Average. :eh:
    -Chocolate chip cookies
    -Oatmeal and raisin Cookies
    -Macadamia and White choc Cookies

    7) KFC
    -Cheese Fries, delicious but expensive.
    -Nothing else attracts me. Have not eaten any of their chicken for years!
    -HORRIBLE normal fries

    -Simply disgusting.
    -Everything tastes the same, the fries, fish & chicken all have the old-oil taste. :shout:
    __________________________________________________ _

    1) Hotcakes fr Macdonalds (by stilafaux)
    2) Onion Rings fr BK (by charms)
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    Epp, where's the McDonald's Hotcakes? Thats the only breakfast item I eat from Mac's and everytime I smell the aroma of these piping pancakes, I just


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      dont happen to be a fan of them.
      quite a number of people i know love them, but i just see them as chunks of flour.
      maybe because i prefer salty things in the morning.
      should try eating hotcakes again. haven't done so in years.


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        I love burger king onion rings! add them in!