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Anybody on Paxil/Seroxat?

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  • Anybody on Paxil/Seroxat?

    Hi there,
    just wondering if there are anybody taking paxil also known as seroxat medications?
    Because i am taking these for my general anxiety disorder and depression. I wanna taper off but can't coz' the withdrawal symptoms are severe.

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    hi there

    I m so glad i have met someone i can talk to about wot happened to me after using seroxat. I was on them for around 3-4 months about 3 years ago after my doctor prescribed them to me for depression. They sent me psychotic, i felt like i was goin mad so i told my doctor who advised me to keep takin them which wasnt wot i wanted to hear, so i stopped taking them. 24 hours later i was in bed with the most horrible side effects shakes sweating high heart rate and then came wot i can only describe as a fit or convulsions and unimagineable pain from my brain which felt like i was havin electric shocks to my brain. Sometimes i wld pass out unable to control the pain. This lasted for about 5 days in which times i thought i wld die. I went back to my g.p. who said to start takin them again but i told him i didnt want to they were sending me insane and i was gettin psychotic thoughts.


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        selye, did you stop your medication now? How did you get the medicine in the 1st place?