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  • Sentosa Island

    What's fun on this Island?

    Me and SO planning to go to a beach..which beach is most recommended? we only want to go there for a tan...

    There's a few beaches ya?

    - Palawan Beach
    - Siloso Beaches


    Where exactly is sunset bay? and do we need a membership? cant really understand from the website..and how do we get there?

    Which is your most frequent beach?

    It is possible to drive to Sentosa, but how much is that parking rates? is it expensive? if not, we'll just take a bus in...

    thanks for all the help!

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    Yes, u can drive in to Sentosa by paying $2 per pax and $2 per car. So if is 2 of u driving in, u got to pay $6 in total. No parking fees till now, i think they are building a new car park near Sunset Bay that is almost ready, that might be charged.

    U dont have to be a member to go into Sentosa. The Sentosa card is for people who frequent there often, and u dont have to pay $2 to enter the island each time and enjoy discounts in the island.

    There is a beach bus along the beach, u can always take the beach bus from one end till another to see where u prefer. Sunset bay is in the centre. Now i prefer KM8 which is new, not so crowded and comes with a jacuzzi pool in their bar!



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      Jacuzzi pool?! that magic word, is it FOC? ahhaha...

      Thanks Jemay! Because i visited the webby for sunsetbay and it states something like some membership thingy to enjoy the facilities and non-member has to pay $2 or something like that, i thought this is the "entrance" fee to sunset bay itself. LOL.

      For those interested can check out


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        jacuzzi? oh! is the one you girls went & took pics in your FOTD jemay? looks very nice!

        sunset bay that side still under renovation? the last time i went.. which was a long long time already... the whole beach there was closed...


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          U r right, the magic word is FOC for the jacuzzi pool. But then u got to be a customer of the beach bar first. Just buy a drink there and hang there whole day!

          Yup, the jacuzzi is the one i posted in my FOTD before I think most reno should be done by now


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            i didnt see KM8 in the map..hmm, anyway, the beach bus is free also?

            Sentosa always gives me a pricing over-hiked feeling

            becuase long long long time ago i went, and a can of coke cost me $2



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              cUp, btw.. me & SO used to drive in.. it's quite cheap & more convenient... coz you won't have to fight for a seat on the bus which is always crowded near going home time! & with a car can pack some picnic! you'll be given a map when you pay your entrance fee... check out the map to see where you can park... usually we park just behind the beach there..hth


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                i wanna go!!! t he jacuzzi sounds so nice! is it usually crowded at the jacuzzi?


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                  Cup, Sentosa has changed into more affordable for us now. There is even Sakae Sushi and 7-11 there KM8 at the other end from Shangri La.
                  Beach bus FOC


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                    Thanks Jemay and Polarie!

                    Btw, they have public toilets for changing right? hee....So normally when you go for suntanning, you'll bring your own big towel/mat or rent a bench there? benches are not FREE right?

                    Other than the sandy beaches, what are some fave hangout places? It has been a long while that i've been there...


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                      oh man! i'm seriously looking fwd to my new experience there!


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                        OMG, Cup, u better go in Sentosa now and refresh yourself abit. Who is going to pay for the bench???? Toilet/Changing room is also FOC ok?

                        Pola, the jacuzzi is not that crowded on week days, weekend i'm not sure


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                          I saw bench rental on the sunsetbay website so i


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                            cUp >> usually we bring our own mats for suntanning... & yeah there are lots of public toilets around... so no worries of changing..

                            the last time i went there... also went to check out the underwater world as SO is into marine... went for the dolphin show which was very fascinating.. but sad for the dolphins... took pics with the dolphin too which was lovely!

                            not sure what other attractions are there... very outdated too!


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                              jemay you girls went on weekday? hmmm.. but now also school holidays.. what bad timing!!! :Doh: