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  • Special Thanks To.....

    Does anyone need to thank you anyone of the cotters?

    Yes, I do....

    I would like to thank you to Jemay
    - You help me to got a nice & suit me concealer. She make me more fashionable. She is my idol. She change her style all the time!


    What about yours? Did any person which is from cozy help you??

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    Yes indeed! Thanks to Kestrel..she actually PM me to guide me on all the know-hows on how to get my refund back! and offered to help me do some tracking...really appreciate it!

    Thanks to alot of them who showed their concern as well! You know who you are (i'm afraid of missing some names out) Anyhow, Thank all lovely cotters!

    Wana thank ginger too! Although i've never met her, but she's a great person to chat with! Always giving me advices, etc She's now away for holiday..hope she has fun!

    And also, twinstar ! She provided me with lots of inputs on my ACCA studies/exams and even offered to help should i encounter any lack of understanding on certain topics..well she has her exams to take too! So i shan't bother her... i wish her all the best for her exam!

    (quite a long list..)

    This is such a wonderful thread!!
    Everyday we have someone to thank(be it in CC or in real life)...
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      Just have to concern the person who are good to us and show concern about us... Everyday we had a specail thank you for someone.. that really cool!



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        Today i want to thanks to Davis for she advice & her concern.


        Everyone in the Cozycot to make me feel good in here. Everyday i can found new posts to read & update myself!!

        Stay Cool ! ! !