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Gifts suggestions for pregnant mummy

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  • Gifts suggestions for pregnant mummy

    I need to get a gift for a friend who's 5 mths pregnant. Can we for the baby or for the mummy. Any suggestions?

    Would be good if you can tell me a gauge of the price of the item and where to buy it.

    Need it rather urgently. hehe.. thanks!

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    Alot of people would be buying clothes for the baby, maybe u can buy the yomayshu for her.. either that or gift voucher would be very useful


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      if for practical gifts, best to give her vouchers else you can buy her yomeishiu or D.O.M, maternity clothes, books on pregnancy (prices should be about $50).


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        Yomeishu sounds like a great idea. Thank you!!


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          erm, actually when I was pregnant, I stayed away from all herbs. It is known that some Chinese herbs has adverse effect on pregnant woman, so to be safe, I completely avoided them.

          So, I personally wonder if your pregnant friend would take the Yomeishu or DOM. DOM has alcohol (also not advisable when pregnant), I'm not sure about Yomeishu.

          I would probably get something for the baby, or a nice maternity top (get those that can also be worn when not pregnant )


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            oh.. like that ah?

            any idea where to get the maternity tops etc?


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              actually most practical to buy gift vouchers but may seems not personalized. For myself, i bought maternity tops for my galfriends. Reason being they will definitely need it and they will think of me when they put it on.

              You have to know whether your friend size and preference for design.
              So, to play safe, i bought those more stretchy/free size one so can fit better.
              i bought online from bigbellymum, lazy me...........
              you can also see other shops like mothersenvogue, funkymoms...

              see nice?? these are the ones i bought from bigbellymum
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                Usually people buy gifts for the baby so it would be all so nice if the mommy gets pampered for a change.

                Topshop now has funky maternity clothes that you can check out or why not some body products like stretch mark creams for the mommy. When I was preggie I loved having delicious smelling creams to apply, makes me feel papmered.


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                  Oh yes, I make an attempt to stay away from all herbs too avoid eating pork ribs soup, herbal chicken etc

                  But I thought this D.O.M or yomeishu can let her drink after she give birth to aid in a speedy recovery. Now I am stocking up D.O.M whenever my hubby go business trips so I can drink after giving birth.


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                    hi cc_lia, stock up on Martell VSOP for your confinement too (its used to double boil w chicken i think)


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                      must stock up martell hubby receive one as a gift and I just give that bottle away as both of us don't drink alcohol :Doh:


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                        June, 9mois at Plaza Singapura is having the GSS sale, I passed by today and the discounts are pretty significant. I like their tops and dresses, some can even wear when not pregnant

                        Eh, can drink DOM after delivering if breasfeeding? I ended up with 4 bottles of DOM but refrained from consuming them until I totally stop breastfeeding.


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                          Thank you for all your suggestions!!

                          I met up with her today and in the end i bought her bird nest. =)


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                            That's a good choice too.


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                              opps .. ignore me