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    hi all... was wondering if you can help me by telling me where to get the below sound effects for my church play. Or if any of you have these sounds on your computers, can you pls pls pls mail to me?? I would really appreciate your help. Thanx!

    1) Wang Fei Hong's famous melody, the chorus part (without any singing, just the melody)

    2) Sound of crickets chriping (like to show someplace is very quiet)

    3) Alarm Clock

    4) A speech that is very fastforwarded (like those in cartoons where the people speaking is very fast, and can only se their mouths moving and hear a very fast talking but cannot hear the words clearly)

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    oh, I forgot to say, if anyone knows where to get them, pls tell me also pls? Thanx...


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      HMV or Borders might have sound effects cd. check with the sales staff.

      i got one from the former Tower records last time.


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        ok.. thanx!! So will the current tower records in suntec have it?