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  • Cornea Ulcer

    Anyone had cornea ulcer before? How was the treatment like? And any aftereffects?

    The doctor confirmed that I've cornea ulcer a few days ago. It happens usually to contact lens wearers.. esp those who sleep with their lenses on, and/or don't cleanse it properly. Hmm i'm not guilty of either, but still got the ulcer in my eye.

    Now, the vainpot in me is worrying if I can wear contact lenses in future. Do share your experiences if you've had cornea ulcer before.


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    Im not sure if my case was cornea ulcer but there was a white spot on the cornea. Vision was blurred even w/out contacts. Doc says infection due to overwearing of lens.

    I could not wear lens for about half a year. At first the docs says i might not be able to wear lens anymore .Luckily i've recovered.

    Did your doc gave you any solution to apply ? Do take good care of our eyes.


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      Hihi shu! Ya i think yours should be a case of cornea ulcer too.. cos mine's also a white spot on the cornea. The doc also told me to keep away from contact lenses for a period of time. But he's unable to tell me more as my ulcer is still there. I guess i'll only get a answer when its fully healed.. Gonna go for the next checkup in 2 days time.

      Wow lucky you.. I am crossing my fingers.. really hope to be able to wear contact lenses again. Anyway, did you start wearing your lenses right after the white spot disappear?

      The doctor gave me 2 bottles of antibiotics. After this incident, I won't dare to be careless about contact lens care (that's is if i can still wear em!).


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        what are the effects of this? do u feel pain?

        is it very blur vision? or?


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          oh dear. do take care of your eyes. i mention this before last time. there's this young girl who came to my clinic with severe corner ucler and she had to be admit to the hospital immediately. well, she wear her contact lens to sleep.. almost 24hrs a day. she was so scare, cried and promise her parent not to wear contact lens anymore.

          the standard duration to wear lens is 8hrs/day.

          most probably, doctor will advise you not to wear contact lens in future.


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            luv_shan that sounds scary. well, i was almost admitted into the hospital too. but its because i've to put on the antibiotics every hour. and the doctor said if i can't discipline myself at home, the nurses can help me with it. but i still decided to try to do it myself first.

            i went back for a checkup the next day, and requested to be admitted to the hospital, because i don't want to trouble my bf to put eyedrops for me every hour. but now, they insisted that there's no need for me to be admitted. oh well.. haha

            anyway sandia, i think the symptoms varies.. for me, i went to the doc when i saw that my eye was red, that's all. no discomfort, no pain, no tearing, etc.

            but for my friend, she went to the doctor when she felt very uncomfortable and her eye was constantly tearing.

            i guess as long as you feel that there's something not right with your eye, go to the doctor immediately.


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              My cousin had an ulcer in her iris a few years ago. She has blurred vision initially and gradually see a dot, then vision became worse. When she was admitted to the hospital, the doctor told her that the chances of ulcer happening in the iris is very rare and unfortunately they do not have any form of medication to curb that so what she can do is to drop antibiotic eye drops into her eye everyday. The most ultimate thing was to hear from the doctor she might go blind in one eye if the ulcer doesn't go away. It took around 2 weeks for the ulcer to go away and she didn't wear any contact lenses for 6 months at least.


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                I don't remember the doc telling me my condition was ulcer. But mine was quite bad. Both eyes infected and very weak cornea. Imagine a piece of paper right in front of me and I can't see. I can't even return sms to my friends as my vision was totally blurred, close to blind.

                I went back to hospital everyday for a week, thereafter everymonth for checkup as the doc was very concerned about my cornea as he's afraid i might go blind if the antibotics could not work for me.

                I'm doing fine now as doc would advise me try not to wear contacts for long hours as people who once had infection tends to get infected more easily in future as there's already a wound. So currently i would only wear contacts for short hours.

                There's also some dots in my right eye now known as floaters. They are some tiny black dots that floats around your eye. It is quite irritating and visible when you are seeing a white background or during the daytime. Doc says this is a common problem among short sighted people.

                However, he was surprised at my age i experience floaters as normally it only occurs to people who are above 50 years of age. Sad to say it is going to be with me for life as there's no cure for floaters. Chances are very slim to recover.

                Even if i were to do lasik, floaters would still be around.So remember girls take good care of our eyes. Remember we only have a pair of eyes. I've learnt my lesson well


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                  I only started wearing contacts after one year of my infection as my cornea needs to have a complete rest. I would advise you not to wear contacts at least for a few months.

                  Try to stay indoor when you are on antibotics as outdoor enviroment is dusty, it might irritate your eyes more.


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                    after this, i'll really take extra care of my eyes. those wearing contacts should take extra care.. cos i don't wear my contacts to sleep and i wash the contacts with the "contacts cleanser" everyday.

                    my infected eye was covered with dried pus when i woke up this morning. sorry for the gross description.. it never happened the past few days. only this morning. and i suspect its because the doctor reduced the dosage to 4x a day instead of hourly?

                    but my friend said pus is actually dead bacteria. so is it a good thing that my eye is getting rid of the dead bacteria in the form of pus? maybe i should call up the doctor..

                    good thing is.. the white spot's disappeared! heh..


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                      artichoke.. ya having a ulcer in the iris is really serious.. the doctor was telling me that i'm "lucky" in the sense that my ulcer's at the edge of the cornea. if its found at the middle, my vision might be affected.

                      ok thanks shu for the advice! i'll certainly keep away from contacts for awhile. our eyes' far more important than vanity. heh


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                        Which doc you went to ? I went to SNEC previously.


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                          hi shu, i went to the eye clinic at NUH.

                          i was referred to A&E by my school's GP cos my eye condition worsened. Then through NUH's A&E, they transferred me to NUH's eye clinic.

                          but the thing is, my doctor's a different one everytime i go back for a checkup. i've been repeating my eye condition to like around 4 doctors already. haha.

                          how about you? did you have a fixed specialist to attend to you?


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                            At SNEC there's no fixed doc too but the docs are all in the same team.Anyway they have all your records and should not be a problem.

                            Take good care girl!!


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                              hey gals..
                              i'm so happy to come by this forum.
                              found out i had cornea ulcer due to contact lens..
                              and it was a pretty traumatising experience..
                              i really hope i can continue wearing contact lens..
                              cos i do sports and i'm afraid i wouldnt able to do them anymore..
                              aniwae, thanks gals for sharing in this forum!