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  • Food for the great outdoor!

    Hi gals!

    Any suggestions as to what to pack for a outdoor picnic ?
    Something that would suits sitting down and watching a performance in the open air - ala the Movie/Ballet under the stars kind.

    I'm trying to think of finger foods and stir away from the usual bread and chips.

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    How about potato salad? I do that all the time when I have pinic but I am not too sure if it suits you though. Sushi will do good as well. HTHs!


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      what about some pies, cakes, curry puffs, or you can simply use a satay stick and chain some food + fruit together ie hot dogs, cumumber, apples and whatever you like. enjoy your dinner yah!!


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        some items i've made/made for me for a picnic are:
        - potato salad
        - cheese meatballs
        - french toast (not very advisable if you don't like it soggy!)
        - fruits
        - brownies
        - pancakes
        - pastries

        i guess it's always best to prepare "cold" food instead of those that are fried or tastes better when warm!


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          Wow! Thanks for the many suggestions gals!

          I am thinking of potato salad too, but i had always eaten this dish chilled. So am wondering if it would taste just as nice at room temperature? :eh:

          And oh.. i am thking of cooking up a picnic basketful of and .... so i guess cakes and pies are out... way out of my league l.a.h - too complicated.

          ETA: Roo, may i ask how do u make cheese meat balls? Cheese and Meat both sound right up my alley. :wow:


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            I guess the best way to know if it's okay to eat it unchilled will be to do a trial run first? I am a huge potato salad fan, so it's pretty much doesn't make a difference to me. I think it's not too bad honestly.


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              i think chips with some sauce will be real good and yummy..haha..but it's boring :eh i love chips

              filee mentioned sushi which i thought it's a good idea too!


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                champagne. with strawberries dipped in chocolate


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                  potato salad, pasta and brownies


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                    crackers with toppings like shrimp, cheese,tuna etc
                    n all the junk food like nachos, chips etc.

                    take a walk at the supermarket n u'll be surprised at how many items u can find!


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                      just be care if you're using sauces (mayo, etc) that you eat the food not too long after preparation in case of spoilage in SG heat.

                      maybe prepare 1 basket of food to be eaten at room temp and 1 chiller for cold foods

                      what i did before was this....
                      DIY club sandwiches - pre-sliced bread loaf, sliced veggies (cucumber, tomato, lettuce, onion packed into plastic container), sliced meats (ham, salami, tuna cans... oh and indi-wrapped cheese too) and travel portions of butter. then you diy according to what ingredients you want. just don't forget the plastic knives.

                      one tub of fruit salad - cubed melons, orange, berries, plus canned longan/lychee (drained)

                      canned baby sausages and canned pineapple cubes skewered on satay stick

                      frozen poundcake slices + choc syrup
                      (they would have defrosted by the time you're ready to eat, but still chilled)


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                        fruit salad
                        potato salad
                        sara lee cake


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                          Hi, i am reviving this thread. I am thinking of going picnic with my SO. May I know where to buy a picnic basket? Anyone can help. TIA