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Your longest crush - share your stories!

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  • Your longest crush - share your stories!

    I had a crush on a friend of mine for 7 years. We missed each other twice, always so close yet so far. Last night, we spoke and I was reminded of all the wonderful times we had together. Can't believe that I actually liked him for THAT long.

    How long was your longest crush? Share with us what happened!!!

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    I had no story to share but only views.. i dont feel much for just a crush..hahah..i can never understand that feeling of liking a guy for so so so long (when both are not in a relationship)

    if i like a guy and it didnt work out, i'll get over it quite fast..

    and i wont miss a crush..haha..or that i've never miss before..

    but if my bf (of a very long relationship) breaks off with me, i'll feel terribly sad..


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      missing, then why didnt you make it all happen?

      Share your story!


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        Mine was for a 2-3 weeks back in 99. I think that was my only crush in my life and the guy's not even good looking! I still remember how i felt then whenever i heard him coming up the stairs, my heart will beat so so terribly fast that i almost couldnt catch my breath. And when i speak, my voice sounded sooooo different! Lol. Dare not even open my mouth to speak bcoz i have no idea how my voice was. Then, throughout the day, i'll secretly peep at him etc. Silly smile to myself from time to time and he even caught me once, then did an internal call to ask me why was i having that silly smile!

        Oh well, it was great fun really.. i enjoyed it

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          Hey cherie! i can relate to that! hahahha...yes very fun indeed

          My 1st crush happens when i was in Primary 4. He was (as usual) the guy sitting right next to me. Likes to tease me, steals my pen, refuses to return me. Whack my head with his book etc etc..


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            cup, lol.. i have that too! During tuition time only though coz i was from a all girls school


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              Sherie I totally can relate how you feel Hmm, I hv tons of crushes but my most memorable one should be the one I had when I was in Sec school. He was 1 year my senior, I saw him walking along outside my class 1 day and he grinned at my teacher who was his teacher and I was totally smitten. From that day onwards, my school days were spent peeping at him till one day my classmate asked me if I wanted to know him and during reccess time he just came up to me and said hi! I nearly died from blushing on the spot. And he called me for a date and sadly i was too nervous that day and was v quiet throughout. We went for another date and I was still too shy to make him see my real self. He gave up on me...


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                This thread will be filled with all the giggles..

                Very sweet though it's just a of the very cute experiences in life..


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         previous crush became my ex bf but that was so many years ago. I think it would have been better if he had just remained my crush, cos that puts him behind this veil of mysterious air which attracted me more
                  Yup, did all the usual stuff, peeped at him and heart beat very fast whenever he talked to me :roll: Well....those were the days


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                    Originally posted by cUp
                    missing, then why didnt you make it all happen?

                    Share your story!

                    haha cUp, I simply didn't have the courage to. It's just not me to make that first move. Too passive I guess??

                    Story's too long to really share...7 years of nonsense..hahaha. But here's the crux of it...

                    We both kinda felt something for each other, we loved the movies we caught together, the times we spent together...Guess there was some misunderstanding and we both thought that one party was trying to avoid the other + there were some mutual friends who discouraged him from getting together with me. We missed each other twice, strictly speaking. I guess missing someone once is painful enough, twice is...

                    the most ironic thing was that 1 year ago, we met up for lunch at Fish & Co. I was feeling very burdened coz when I see him siting across me, everything that happened in the past just swarmed to my mind. Last night, he confessed that actually at that point in time, he was thinking about the past too, and that he could tell back then that I looked very distracted. As it turned out, he was taking a walk down memory lane too, it was like...we were both walking down the same lane, but with me on the left end, and he walking along the right side.....

                    We had a great chat last night, relived all those sweet memories. Including that once whereby we stood by cine's glass windows (where the cafe is now at level 2) and we just stood there and saw the rain slowly come by, from our right, slowly moving to our left...Thr ain just went by us, tight in fron tof our eyes...a very lovely sight. It was the most romantic moment in my life thus far. We miss each other, but that's probably just the way that it'll stay. He's quite happy with his gf (just returned form a LA trip together) and I
                    am well in love with my SO too. Lovely memories they are, but they shall always stay as memories I guess....
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                      awwwwwwwwwwww, nice is your near yet so far..

                      but if my bf is in your situation and he is still deep in such memories..i'll be feeling so painful.....*ouch* (not trying to mean anything here) just my feelings..really i'll feel so sad ..though they are just memories..hmm

                      but well, maybe he has? but i don't know? i dont wanna know!! hahaha...

                      am i being a little selfish? ... its ok..i dont know anything..well..haha


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                        cUp - You're not selfish. Because we human by nature is selfish. Isn't it


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                          Because my bf used to tell me abt one of his crush when i was not his GF(and i never even like him at that time) jealous now to think of it.....

                          at tt time he was so happy to send her to the airport and will call me and tell me his happiness...

                          but in the end that girl dont like him


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                            Haha yupz cUp, which was why we had a huge urge to see each other last night, but to be fair to our SOs, we didn't. No point hurting 4 people just for the sake of memories.


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                              missing i dont want that!!!!


                              but yeah you and him did a great job!

                              but please let this feeling fade! just crazy

                              dont me

                              canot imagine if my bf is you..i'll strangle you haha