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Headaches / Giddy Spells / Total Blackout

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  • Headaches / Giddy Spells / Total Blackout

    Anyone experience headaches often?

    Different kinds of headaches..throbbing pain, pulling pain, sharp pain etc..

    Sometimes i'll even have headache that i'll feel like vomitting and if i ate anything before that, i'll really's terrible feeling

    I've been experiencing headaches since Sec sch days..quite often...

    I've been to many docs as well, and all presumed that i was under stress when there's no stress at all!

    I got twice very severe headaches at home during my poly days while i was on a holiday and nothing to do at home....The headache can hurt as much until my jaw is also involved in the pain...And halfway through my sleep, the headache will suddenly happen..and it will be on-going for a week or of a sudden it comes..and it's terribly painful

    Went to TTSH medical clinic, the doc told me the same thing and prescribed caffeine tablets(<5) to me When asked if i need to do any xray or blood test, he said no need because cases of brain tumour in teenagers are very RARE in Singapore..but rare doesnt mean i'm not the one right?! *sigh*

    My friends around me seldom has headaches..and even if they do have, it's because its during exam period when they are stressed..ironically, i do not have headaches during my exam period...

    I brought it to my family doc and she mentioned that i should not take that caffeine medicine too often..

    so someone, can share your experiences with headaches?

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    sounds like migraine to me.

    i get occasional tension headaches. feels like there's a band circling my head at the temples and it's getting tighter and tighter. still haven't figured out what triggers it. certain perfumes and scents seem to set it off more than others. ditto certain strong smelling foodstuff.

    asked my doc abt it and she gave me synflex for the headaches. also have tylenol for tension headaches (paracetemol and caffeine combination).


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      yup, it sounds like migrane. one of my colleaues have such terrible ones whenever she's stressed out(not too stressed in my opinion but her threshold is low) that she'll have to rest at home.


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        hmm, but it happens when during holiday period. I couldn't be stressed. right? And apparently i dont feel stress at all!


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          i get that kind of headache usually when it's 1 day before the time of the month. or when the weather's too hot .. i have to stay out of the light so complete bedrest with alot of water. i bought this OTO accugiser thing and i paste the tabs on the two sides of my neck to massage the muscles there. my tension headache usually starts with an ache from my shoulder upwards. if i hang around tangs beauty hall where all the perfumes are, i'll get a massive headache too.

          the other probability would be your pillow. my colleague used to have chronic migraine. he told me after he invested $$ into the tempur pillow, it's gone :eh: he used to had to take MC off work when he has his migraine .. but looks like he's really doing not too bad. the occurences reduced to only 1 or 2 times over a few months.


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            But recently i'm alright again. It only happens during ONE particular period in a year. So far i had twice in 2 years. And it ususually lasts for almost a month. Now that i'm working, lets see if next year it happens it's kind of weird....

            If it's my pillow, it should happen more often than not...hmm..i used to think its my pillow also..


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              Any fast relieve of headaches? Other than taking the painkiller? which is not very good ...

              That month when it happens, i almost complete the whole box of panadols


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                try herbal tea and aromatherapy? i used to rub a little bit lavendar massage oil (those already premixed with base oil) on my neck/shoulders area and massage abit to release the muscles. goes off usually after half hour.


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                  sleep n more sleep?


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                    some suggestions for triggers:
                    a. sleep late and lack of sleep
                    b. coffee
                    c. chocolate
                    d. neck strain
                    e. eyes degree changed
                    f. often hv empty stomach

                    a. change sleeping habit and get 8 hours at least
                    b. refrain from coffee
                    c. refrain from chocolate
                    d. get a massage and change the pillow
                    e. go check your eyes
                    f. gastric juice can affect headaches and cause one to :puke: so try not to put yr stomach in that state

                    i am writing from experience....


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                      i have neckache often and it leads to headache. i been to physiotherapist, sinseh, massages. they all suggest i exercise. cause its linked..backache, neckache, headache.

                      true enough i dont exercise and i dont know how to swim. once in a while i go for massage. otherwise i pop panadol which i dont like.

                      hi kestrel,
                      where to get those oil and how much? sometimes i get my mum to 'gua sha' for me. it hurts.

                      the main point is, get your blood to circulate. im often feeling giddy too.


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                        i'm often feeling giddy too dewy! But doctor has checked my blood pressure and its young yet so many health problems..

                        I'm actually quite worried, yet the doc kept assuring me nothing could happen to me at such young age and cases are rare. but rare doesnt mean don't have :eh:

                        Lavender oil, i heard before. Helps in relaxation. However i find the smell very not nice..How to even relax when i dont even like the smell? it smells awful in my opinion

                        Body shop sells them. Tiny bottle costs >20$ can't remember exact price. HTHs


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                          yep, restrain from coffee and tea with caffine... drink herbal teas and floral teas... also lavender and peppermint essential oil helps relaxation.... try to close your eyes and think of nothing and havea good sleep.


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                            Anyone experience giddy spells often? Like you'll break out in cold sweat and if stood longer, might experienced total blackout and faint..

                            My 1st experience was when i was in K2. I fainted (total blackout) right before i was going on a zoo trip. And i really fell to the ground..

                            Then pri 3 onwards, i've frequent giddy spells here and there but i know i had to stood down for blood to circulate to my head. So I didnt really blackout.

                            Today, i had giddy spells twice. What could be wrong? Low blood sugar level? What tests are needed? my blood pressure is normal as according to my GP....

                            I look v v healthy on the outside but sometimes i can't help but feel very weak on the inside..but i dont know whats face isnt pale on normal lips are ok..and i dont get severe menstrual cramps..


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                              Or is it the weather Maybe you can check up with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), see whether they can help.

                              My case - is when I cry or the weather is too hot then I'll experience headache at the center of my head + :puke: feeling. So when the weather is quite bad, I'll try my best to cool myself down. If not, i know I'm going to suffer later with headache. And imagine most of the time, it happen during my