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recommendation for traditional iron

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  • recommendation for traditional iron

    my current phillip iron doesn't do a good job.
    for thin and soft materials, it can still make-do.

    however, when i try to iron my husband's shirts, pants, etc, it always end up as though I didn't iron at all.
    the creases just refuse to flatten.

    any recommendation for a good sturdy powerful iron?

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    I got the same problem as you before..

    But I went and get myself the Laurafirst iron .. ( Its kind of expensive - about $ 400+++ ) but its really worth it ..

    I can do about 10 business shirts in an hour all nicely "flatten"

    What I did was, buy it at CK Tang and using citibank get about 6% rebate back ..

    so quite ok, in my view .. go and see the demo at Tangs basement .. just near the escaletor side ..


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      Tefal is handsdown the best. Ergonomic design that glides really effortlessly. Not sure how much it is, but not as expensive as the one mentioned above. I don't have much confidence in Phillips products - all the ones I've used conk out on me pretty soon, apart from their hotplate.


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        Any good iron to recommend?

        Hi cotters,
        Any good iron to recommend for satin/silk fabric? Went to Courts recently and the salesperson recommended me the expensive ones(as usual) that are heavy. I understand that heavy irons can de-crease the clothes faster but its tiring to hold such heavy ones!

        The one she recommended is 2400W which has rather high energy consumption. Don't think we need that high right? Lower ones just mean that it will start up slower right?

        Any advice?


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          Need Recs

          Pls recommend a good iron about $100-$200 budget. And any promos I can take advantage of? Thanks in advance!


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              i'm using a tefal iron, it glides real well and easy to iron,made in france. It should not cost more than $150 at major electrical tang has promotions right now!


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                I've heard something about "conditioning" your new iron before the first use. Do you use your brand new iron straight away or is there a need to do something to it prior to first use?


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                  What's the difference between those with in-built steamers? Whats the purpose of it anyway?


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                    i use braun and its very good. but my dad just dropped it and i gtta get a new one!! i hope there are some promos for the cny


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                      For ironing, gals...Is philips better or tefal?