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What to Eat and What not to Eat for wound to heal best?

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  • What to Eat and What not to Eat for wound to heal best?

    Hi all.. I met an accident last Wednesday. The lorry that I was in (I was at the back) crash into the Changi Beach roadsign when it was turning into the carpark. Lucky thing was that there were a total of 4 of us, and the 2 of us behind didn't fly out of the lorry. I was the worst casualty I think, cos I can't remember what happened after the crash. My left side of my face was banged against the side of the lorry, so now abit swollen, and there was a L-shape cut at the left side of my left eye. There was 2 stitches, and I had them removed yesterday already. Now my main worries was what to eat and what to abstain from eating to let the wound heal nicely.

    From what I gathered from the past week,

    Not To eat : Soy sauce, Seafood, Chicken, Coffee, Chocolates?

    What to eat: Fish porridge, guo tiao soup, minced pork porridge, dry pork floss, Milk?

    Any of you know what else to eat and what not to? And probably what to do and what not to do? Will appreciate all advice...