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  • Hitler

    Just read an article on a bunch of students that did something really out of context

    Read it

    OMG .. I am really kinda of puzzle why no teacher stop them?

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    Ya, this incident is so similar to the one where Prince Harry wore a Nazi outfit. I don't know lar - but the younger generation seemed to have a warped sense of what's cool.

    Perhaps the teachers should let them watch Schindler's List. I watched it some 9 years ago & I'd never forget the scene where one soldier put a gun to a man's head and shot that guy. And I remembered feeling so sad at the atrocities committed.


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      Agree.. anyone that has seen that show would understand the kind of pain ...

      How could you admire a person that in his opinion you are trash and should be shot dead?


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        crazy students... This is like one perfect example of think first before you do something... :roll:


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          Although i'm not a Hilter supporter, these students should not be reprimanded for trying to seek after an distinctive indentity. They are insecure teenagers, afterall. When was the last time you did something stupid in Secondary school? It's part and parcel of growing up.


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            that reminds me of an incident where i hear 2 young gals (around 14 yr olds) chatting about who they like/admire. This funny gal actually said she likes hitler.. she thinks he is cool and good looking.. but in my mind i am thinking.. oh gawd... do you know what he has done? how sick he is? i wonder if she really knows what he has done.....


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              Or is this called Following the trend blindly

              I find it's crazy when I saw the article appear on last Sat The New Paper. Hilter is a heartless ruler who hates Jews for no reason. How can he consider cool/ good looking. It make me :puke:


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                well, its all how you see things. i am not trying to defend the atrocities that the nazi has done but frankly speaking, if you ask the germans today, hitler is still a great leader to them. just like koizumi still made annual visits to the yasukuni shrine to pay respect to the "war criminals". everyone is entitled to his view. personally i feel hitler is a charismatic individual. instead of just reprimanding the students, educate them on the history and teach them the morals, and let them judge for themselves. just my view.


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                  It's pretty appalling to think that young people nowadays (not that im old ) seek this kinda 'coolness' in such a superficial way. They never think of what are the implications involved, such as the larger societal issues at hand. I think it's really sad.

                  But well, yes they should not be reprimanded. Being almost young adults, I think the education system should first educate them & "open up their eyes" to know the cold hard facts first, and let them make their own decisions regarding this.

                  It's true that Hitler is one charismatic individual. But at the end of the day, what really makes a person is the kind of fruits he reaped (ie, the deeds of a person) that tells it all, no matter what his underlying traits are. Charisma can be used in the wrong way, same goes to intelligence.

                  Shedding innocent blood due to some personal warped grudges against a race? There's absolutely no subjectivity to this. Plain evil.
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                    I agree totally on the leadership part.. he was the one that pull germany into its "golden-age" from it WWI proverty, but I dun agree with the "pure-blood" thingy ..

                    and the way he kill all those people ...
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                      ethnic cleansing has a long history. its even happening today. just some of the things that people with an idealogy that we dun agree. a political tool actually.

                      imagine, what if the germans won the war... hitler will be potrayed as a hero in history books. well, losers are always viewed as "baddies".


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                        They're young. Seriously, Hitler has very little cultural resonance here, which is why I'm not surprised. It's wrong of course, but I'm not about to read into it some deeper significance that just isn't there.

                        Storm in a teacup.


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                          As always.....history is always written by the winners. So its hard for us to condemn Hitler entirely for his doings.

                          Yes, I am definitely not in support of his doings against the Jews for no valid reason. However, we still have to give him credit for attempting to pull Germany out of the slumps before WWII.

                          I watched a documentary that shows the side of story from his secretary who survived the war. Her description showed that Hitler only want to see what he wants to see. So hes not even aware of how his people suffered during the war.

                          The students are not at fault, its just that the history education is not enlightening. Its just too factual. :roll:


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                            Hmm. Reading this article reminds me of my secondary3/4 class. Our batch only had 1class of students taking History paper for olevels, and daresay most of us were really "into" the chapter on Hitler/Germany. There's this thing about him that facinated us then. We had the Hitler thing stuck to us for 2whole years. There's 1guy who rant &raved about him all the time, and soon most of the guys were so called hooked on to it. Even those who did not take history. There was this nazi thing going on, &towards the end of the school year; my class did that Hitler hand salute pose for the school magazine. Thankfully, it was just the *play play* kind


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                              "When you kill a man, you are a murderer,
                              Kill many, and you are a conqueror,
                              Kill'em all... you are GOD!!!"

                              read the above from somewhere before... well, god did flood the world to cleanse it of its evil, maybe hitler sees his ethnic cleansing in the same context? hee... we never know.