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Guys carrying ladies bag?

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  • Guys carrying ladies bag?

    Recently, this has been the topic for many newspaper. They mentioned guys with ladies handbag, Sissy?

    When i read this, oh my god, i've realise that trivial matter like this can even make it that big in the media. Some argue that it's gentleman's guy, some feel that it's a disgrace. Some even put the blame on the lady for wanting the man to look like woman.

    I'm just so curious to know how the rest of you think?

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    Hmm, I think only young boys carry lady's dainty bags.... Carrying small bags for their gf is sooooo cheesy


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      Everytime my hubby tries to carry my bag I snatch it back. Its a bag, I have hands, I don't need a guy to carry it.


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        If a man carries a woman's bag, I would have a tendency to believe that he is gay


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          Hmm...I actually don't see what's wrong with a guy helping the lady with her bag. I used to let my SO carry mine because I have a tendency to leave my things everywhere and even my platonic guy friends offer to carry my bag so I'm rather used to the whole idea.


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            For me will be a case to case basis, I would say no if it's some dainty small girlish bags, well, why can't the girl carry it herself in the first place? She has no arms? U mean she needs a man to help carry her small tiny bag?

            And if the bag's very heavy and bulky and esp if the girl has many other loads to carry, i don't see why not, it's only gentlemanly for her guy or any guy to help lighten her load.

            My SO carry my bag for me, if it's too heavy. Heee.... or when i have to excuse myself to the washroom, he will look after it.

            Can i share with you all a secret? My SO wears my shoes too, erm... i requested it of cos. Cos sometimes esp to new shoes, it will be abit tight and uncomfy, i will ask him to wear for me, so he wll help to sketch the shoes, and hopefully it gets bigger for me. Of cos, not wearing in public la. Heeee... and not like My Sassygirl, where the girl insists the guy wears her heels and she wears his trainers, the girl made the guy chase her all over the park, sooo funny but so sweet also.


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              Wow caramelgirl,

              your SO is a sweetie. Not many men would do that for their girl.


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                it's really no big deal IMO.. if the guys offered to help then why not? unless he is forced to do it then that's probably another issue altogether.. but i think it's a really sweet gesture on the guy's part. i mean even my dad does it for my mum... but he is in no way short of a man... he's not even henpecked! My SO helps me carry mine too especially when i am busy shopping... cos i am such a scatterbrain... or when my hands are full...

                it's weird how society picks out the nitty gritty details on what defines a MAN. Like a man should not be seen doing this.. or a man should not be seen doing that. it's so suffocating isn't it? just leave them be for goodness sake. if they choose to be metrosexual.. so be it.. u made a choice to become who u are now... why can't they.. just because they don't conform to what society wants? that being said.. i don't mean all guys must carry ladies' bags of course.. hahaha...


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                  just feel that if its a tote or some ladies handbag, it would be kinda of funny when a guy is carrying it. however if its a bigger bag or with heavy content then its a gentleman tingy to carry the bag for the ladies...

                  i ever saw a guy carrying - LV Cherry Blossom series handbag for his gf.. it looks... :Doh: hahaahha...


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                    Personally, I won't ask my SO to carry my bag for me unless it's really heavy or I need my hands free (e.g. while trying clothes at a store). But ultimately, it's the couple's decision and none of our business IMHO.


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                      I prefer to carry my own bags because there are times when I need to takes items like tissue out of it. However, there are times when my bag is heavy so of course, I'd let my bf carry it. My bf is a typical male who doesn't have pink clothes & sticks to plain black & blue. So I do know that he's a tad embarrassed at having to carry my bags. But nonetheless, he does it out of concern & love. So that makes the gesture even sweetier. However, if my bag for that day is very girly (example sequins & feathers), he'd not want to carry it. I am okie with that too.

                      Once I was trying on some shoes, so he helped me carry my ON clutch. He's kinda sporting too - coz he'd put the clutch under his armpit & then he'd act like a gay man. Of course, it looks stupid but he did that just for fun & we'd both be laughing our heads off.

                      Sometimes when we go shopping, and he wants to try on clothes, I carry his bag too. I hope that that doesn't make me a tomboy or something.

                      Actually, like what most cotters said, it's really a private matter between the couple. If my bf doesn't wanna carry my bag, I am okie - will not get into big fights coz of it.

                      That being said, it's only FREAKY if the guy is alone & he's carrying a girly-looking bag.
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                        i do get my SO to carry my bag, especially school bag, usually after he parked his car and while we were walking back to my place then i will get him to carry my bag for me. its more like, i'm very tired and my school books plus notes are so heavy. he told me he's fine with carrying my bag, so i thought why not? haha. as for out shopping, i usually carry a small bag so i don't need him to carry that for me. if we bought some stuff, then he will just voluntarily carry those shopping bags for me.


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                          I match my handbags with what I wear so I'll definitely carry my own bag. If ithey are a huge beach bag or shopping bags, I don't mind having someone to carry them for me.


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                            my SO has stated very clearly from the start that he doesn't like helping to carry my bag for me cos' it looks... weird/gay/whatever. i won't ask him to carry for bag for me unless it's really heavy that day. but he does voluntarily take it off my hand/arm to carry it for me when i'm browsing through clothes at stores.


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                              i don't like my bf to carry my bags for me cause it does not look manly?and also i feel that the bag is light why can't the ladies carry themselves.