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Guys carrying ladies bag?

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  • Just my opinion,

    If a girl wants her BF to carry her bags then she should start shopping at dunhill/zegna instead of Chanel/gucci/loewe etc. our men have been laughed at by their male counterparts from other countries when this topic was discussed in the Straits Times. well, my taiwanese guyfriend laughed very hard and i feel sorry for our men.

    I think this topic is often discuss in spore and no other parts of Asia or the western countries and one wonders what it says about our men and women??

    just my no offence to anyone.


    • Originally posted by tessalov View Post
      If a girl wants her BF to carry her bags then she should start shopping at dunhill/zegna instead of Chanel/gucci/loewe etc.
      Not realyl sure what you meant by saying this? Care to explain it further to me, as I have not much knowledge with branded stuff.

      Anyway once I visited the US and saw an Asian couple, the guy carrying his girlfriend's cute handbag for her. I eyed my boyfriend and thrust my handbag towards him (which had a playboy rabbit logo on it) and he gave me the dirty look which clearly said, "Hell no I'm not going to carry your girly handbag for you."


      • I think its perfectly fine if the guy holds the bag for his other half.
        I mean,of course if your bag is all frills and fluffs,surely the opposite sex won't think its his own!!

        And its an honour i feel,for the man to hold her bag.
        Shows she trust and love him enough to trust him with her belongings.
        At times when i'm out on the street and see other guys holding their girlfriend's bag,i feel its so sweet of them..


        • hmm.. for me, my hubby stuff everything into my handbag and sometimes, it becomes so heavy that I will ask him to help me carry.... haha....

          But on normal times, I prefer to take it myself... but for shopping bags, I am training him to help me with it


          • My bf will help carry my bags for a short while when Im 1) in the public toilets 2) have my hands full with something 3) tired after a long day

            I will "automatically" take my bag away from him and carry it myself after say, 2mins? I love having my bag on me, I cant stand it and I feel weirdly empty without it!

            Even when we go for dinner at the foodcourts, my bf will take my bag and put it on an empty seat but I will snatch it back and cradle it on my lap. Sometimes when we just go and grab some essentials from a shop, bf will ask me to leave my bag in the car and I always say NOOOO because I cant do w/o it. I know, im damn weird.

            I always tell bf, "my bag contains gold, I cant live without it!"


            • Haha I feel empty without my bag too! Feel too light and weird without the extra weight!


              • ha ha ha I agree with xiaomantou ... I will probably fall down if I don have my 3-tons bag with me!

                actually I will never let my hubby carry my bag, I spend so much money on my LV/Gucci etc of course I must be the one carrying it lo... plus my hubby is super careless, he would probably leave it somewhere and forget to take it, since he is not used to carrying any bag

                joke aside, I personally will never let my hubby carry my bag ... find men doing so look a bit sissy and weak... I am traditional, I prefer men to be the dominance partner, if carry our bag, look like our slave like that lo...

                ask yourself, can you stand it if your 'son' needs to carry his gf bags, shopping bags etc like a slave next to a princess??

                just my opinion, no offend meant!
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                • Handbag it's better not let guys carry, they can be clumsy and careless esp. since it's not their belonging but plastic bag, paper bag, everything just dump to him la unless too expensive, ownself carry.

                  prettyeagle: It's best not to leave your handbag behind in the car, esp. got wallet or hp or your SO's hp, wallet or other valuables. You might never know just awhile you step away, there might be thief that has seen your movement and move in on the car and take your thing and when you come back, everything will be gone. Have seen such news, better bring it along.
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                  • Seriously I think the percentage of guys carry bag for their gf especially are rising. I don't mind seeing guys carry but please never let your bf/ husband carry that cutsy type like Hello kitty or cartoons character. I will seriously faint when I see it. I think bag should be carry for ourself not by others as we should be responsible for our own belongings.


                    • nope i dont like my bf to carry bag for me..
                      theres a no need for him to do so.