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    Originally posted by hiphop
    She fell from the horse while shooting an advert. The horse shoe hit her chest and broke some sections of her bones. Initially reported ok but later condition worsen so she could not be flown back to taipei for treatment. Now dunno latest update.
    Thanks. I saw the news telecasted this evening...the paparazzi was so bad..they even asked little kids to bring cards for her but the actual fact they wanna dig out more news. her condition is critical shocking when i read the headlines hope she will recover.


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      yeah just read the late news...apparently she is now suffering from breathing poor thing .. then they showed that her poor health is related to her house's feng shui...too messy so there is no circulation in the house.

      anyway, hope she gets well soon...especially at the peak of her career, so sad not to be able to enjoy fruits of her labour!!


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        OOPS. Just checked back and realised so many of you are waiting for news on Chiling Lin.

        Okay, here goes.

        Latest from Taiwan: The doctor said that if her chest was fuller, she would not have been hurt.


        Oh, and ex, Jerry, who's now in the philippines for promo works, claimed to have called to ask about her condition the moment he got wind of her accident.

        Also, there are rumours that her pain-killers contain illegal drugs and that she's now addicted to taking her jabs.

        She's well enough to take porridge but her latest ex finds it "inconvenient" to visit her in the hospital.

        And it took her 7 minutes to walk from her bed to the bathroom. (additional tidbit there)

        Yeah, some "master" said that her fall was pre-destined as she has the life of a 3rd party. So she's meant to be unlucky. :eh:

        There's word that her boobs are fake and the fall caused the silicon bags to burst. (lol. That's odd!)

        Insurance payout for her injury is NT$870,000.

        She needs at least 2 months to recuperate before handling any projects.

        [Her current rumoured SO is worth NT$10billion] - trivia

        Hope this answers all your question!
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          Cel: You are indeed lucky to have seen Jay and Patty, twice!


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            tien, who's her rumoured SO?


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              Cherie: F4 Jerry Yen


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                Originally posted by cherie
                tien, who's her rumoured SO?

                it's not jerry yen.
                He's her ex, her current one is the son of a tycoon if I'm not wrong.


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                  Cherie & Bella>> Yup. He's the son of some tycoon who owns a chain of hotels.


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                    Hehe thanks! Kpo me


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                      saw the recent news of ling zhi ling in i weekly yesterday that she is injected with some drugs to ease her pain. i really feel sad for her. if continuous usage of the drugs she might get addicted. very pitiful and she is at the peak of her career...


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                        i feel sad for her too. she seems so nice and genuine, and she's like the envy of every woman.. sighs. i heard her recovery would be delayed due to some implants? read that from eight days.


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                          She's actually not that popular with the taiwanese. The reason she's everywhere is because of all the hoo-hah and news she's creating.

                          She's widely hated for being fake and acting cute and changing boyfriends faster than you can say "supercalifragalisticexpialidocious".


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                            Jerry yan bought a "Bian Su" for her at Taiwan to let her recuperate once she fly to Taiwan tomorrow! :wow:


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                              sorry, but what's Bian Su?

                              i didnt know she's not that popular with the taiwanese press! i thought the taiwanese press loves her becos she's very obliging? i quite like her though.


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                                A mansion! :wow:

                                I thought she was pretty famous with the taiwanese press? I quite like her too! She's kinda modest kind!

                                Am kinda shocked that her breasts was fake. Or was not?