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    If it?s miracle diet tips that you are looking for, look again! Because Channel U?s latest lifestyle programme A New You is an all-in-one, head-to-toe, health and beauty programme that focuses on the entire well-being of the mind and physique instead of just body weight and waistlines.

    Changing conventional mindsets and perceptions of health, beauty and dieting, A New You is the passport to an all new you that exudes positive energy through healthy living!

    Hosted by the radiant health and beauty guru Jacelyn Tay, this programme presents no miracle creams nor magic pills, but sheer adjustments to your current lifestyle and habits. Faithful and conscientious viewers could even be rewarded with 4-8kg loss by the 8th episode simply by adjusting their lifestyles accordingly and adhering to the given tips!

    Each episode consists mainly of 3 segments featuring diet menu, simple exercise demos and beauty enhancement tips.

    In Episode 1, Jacelyn starts off by getting viewers to discover their personal motivations in wanting to be a ?new? person and tells them to set a goal for themselves. After warning them of the impending difficulties, she proceeds to advise on how viewers can improve their current lifestyles and diets to achieve these goals.

    Next, Jacelyn takes viewers shopping for the ingredients, equipment, attire etc required, followed by simple exercise demos that you can try out in front of the TV set. Lastly, Jacelyn introduces a 3-day weekend detox programme that teaches viewers how to rid their bodies of toxins.

    From DIY spas to pigmentation care, stay tuned as Jacelyn takes you on this weekly health odyssey with simple instructions and demonstrations! Ultimately, there?s no better way than to try it for yourself and see the results!
    ************************************************** **

    Every Monday @ 8.30pm
    Channel U

    Look like this programme has very interesting to intro to us!


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    I catched the last 15 mins of this show last nite, missed for first part where she talks on the personal motivation.

    Thought the show was quite good, at least she did explain the different vitamins of the ingredients she used. It is fun watching, but I do not think I will stick to her food diet. No time preparing the food....

    But I m kindof looking forward to watch those epsiodes with the skincare, makeup, those beauty tips

    Anyone watch it??


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      i watched it, its very interesting & easy to understand, not like e usual dieting program, which often overloads with diet jargons & makes u lose interest :Doh:

      i love e initial part where she teach us how to self-psycho our minds & change our eating habits
      oh, e way she throws out e snacks fr e fridge, its so heartaching :wow:
      anyway, it was v funny when she fish out a bar of chocolate & ask us VERY NICE right? but now must throw or give to your neighbour!!!

      then following that she teach us how to choose training ball & weighing scale.

      i also like e part where she teaches us how to plan our meals, but no way im trying that! rather im going to try e daily morning lemon drink! sounds quite good!

      fyi, she mentioned that we should give ourselves 20min of eating time. try not eat too fast, lets say if u gorge down your meal within 10mins, your system will subconsciously tell you that u r not full, so u will end up eating more!
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        The link for those of u that missed her progam yesterday. However text are all in Mandarin

        A New You


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          Me too! I'm going to try to make myself a glass of lemon drink for every morning!



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            Oh! I missed the show! :Doh:

            When is the re-run, if any ?


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              the show is on mon at 8.30pm but re-run is on mon itself, quite late about 12am. i caught e re run yest.


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                the bit about eating slowly comes from the book "French Women Don't Get Fat" .. interesting book but however, the food tips inside the book has to be substituted by our own local produce .. else very difficult to conjure up the diet plan. but few simple rules to follow .. cut down on sugar or refined / processed foods. read the labels for the products, anything with trans fat .. thrash it!


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                  Nice show. Am drinking lemon water every day~


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                    Man, I missed the episode! Must make sure I catch the next one. I bought both of her books, the diet and the make-up one... Must say it's easy to read, if not a tad superficial at certain points, but then again, it's mostly about aesthetics so who's to complain? :D


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                      gals...please take note that the lemon drink is a morning drink for the 3 days detox cannot drink lemon drink on empty stomach for a long period as it's acidic and will upset the drink it only during the 3 detox days


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                        Originally posted by se7enseas
                        the show is on mon at 8.30pm but re-run is on mon itself, quite late about 12am. i caught e re run yest.
                        Thanks for informing! I managed to catch parts of the program and i must say the diet she introduced is way too punishing ... for me at least.

                        Can't bring myself to drink a juice made from raw brocolli, garlic and what's not.

                        But the lemon detox program do works for me when i tried it sometimes back. Skin got visibily clearer! But like ginerelle advised, it can only be taken for 3 days at a time and don't do it too often. Will weaken the stomach and it's bad for people with gastrics.

                        I must say that Jacelyn is one disciplined lady. I admire her for being able to keep to eating healthy and being oh-so-disciplined.


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                          Talk to me about discpline. I am definately not one.

                          Lemon juice still fine but anything ponine mentioned..abit hard for me to swallow thus i really marvel her


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                            Looking forward to next monday!



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                              hey girls .. don't miss monday's program!! touching up on alot of makeup tips!