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Recommendation for table top ovens

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  • Recommendation for table top ovens

    Hi all!

    I am looking for a table top oven. preferably less than 400. may i know where are the places where i can look for the best deals?

    also, which brand of oven is highly recommended for the baking of cakes/cookies/muffins etc?

    i heard that the brand,baby belling is one of the best brands around.but i can't seem to find this brand at ck tangs/taka/mustafa/courts. anyone knows where can i find this brand?so i won't be making any more wasted trips

    thank you !

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    pushing this thread up. Any idea or recommendation for a good baking oven? Thanks!


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      i looking for one too.. hopefully around 100+.. *** the stuff we need to look at before buying?


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        My colleage just got herself a tabletop oven recently. She got it from one of the electrical appliances shop opposite Queensway shopping centre (the sports shoes place). She told me the saving is very significant when compared to places like best denki and Tangs.

        Anyway, I can't remember what is the brand of her oven. But all I know is it's about $360, but as it's a table top, it isn't very big. She needs to be extra careful with the baking trays she buy as some just won't fit in. Now she wants to sell it away and buy a bigger and better one, especially she is more keen on baking after we attended baking classes.

        I have heard of baby belling but only once, from my best buddy. I myself is looking of an electrolux, but built-in kind.


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          according to an ex-chef who used to work at our staff canteen, baby belling is the best. not sure where u can get it though, think i spotted it at BIG superstore at harbourfront once


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            courts have that. The only con is can't see through which i don't really like it.


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              hi, i'm currently using a Tefal 12L Mini Oven at home now. bought it on offer (less than $100)~ have been using it to bake cookies, small cakes, muffins, roasting small portions of meat, etc...

              so far so good, coz my family is small so dun have to make large portions. it has a see thru' glass door so i can actually watch my cookies brown or cake rise~ i'm happy with it (though i wouldn't mind a baby belling... )

              disadvantages are:

              1. the maximum temp is 280 degrees C, so i'm limited to the choices of foods to bake/roast.

              2. the temp is not even (due to the door being a whole piece of pyrex. cooking may be uneven (esp when the size of item fills the entire tray)